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First and Last

Today is our last day of school. 180 days went by in a flash. We have a day of awards, cleaning the classroom and a retirement party. Tonight we plan to celebrate the beginning of summer break as a family by going out for fancy burgers and milkshakes.

I remember this picture being taken like it happened last week…


Maddison…4th Grade


  • Maddi played basketball this year from October-March. She had such a good season.
  • She completely ROCKED her state testing this spring and loved taking the tests (she did not get this from me).
  • Maddi found the “Little House…” series of books and is in love and wants to read them all this summer.
  • She finally found a good group of friends this year and has settled in really great.
  • She has her first year of 4-H under her belt and took a market steer to the fair.
  • Maddi won an award for being the most organized (wonder where she got that from?!?!)  and also having the best attitude about doing work.
  • She is looking most forward to having a locker next year!
  • She wants to be a life guard when she grows up and my aid when she is in middle school.

Guy…1st Grade


  • Guy played football and baseball this year.
  • He really wants a motorcycle to race.
  • Guy grew so much in reading and writing this year.
  • He does not like studying for his spelling tests.
  • Guy now outweighs Maddi (which he is so proud of).
  • His favorite memory from the school year was being bat boy at his cousin’s baseball game.
  • His favorite part of school this year was playing kickball at recess.
  • Guy had perfect attendance this year!



  • I just wrapped up our third year of full day kindergarten and my fifth year of teaching at my school (8th year total teaching).
  • I won the Seattle Mariner/ESPN Teacher of the Week award and got to watch the Mariners in a suite at Safeco.
  • Today is the last day that Tara and I will be teaching together…she is seriously my right arm and I will miss her so much next year.
  • I had the smallest class I have ever had this year with 17 students and it was magical.
  • Our favorite read aloud book in Kindergarten was B.J. Novak’s “The Book with No Pictures”.
  • Flossing is better than dabbing and fidget spinners.

We had a great school year and are ready to enjoy summer!


10 thoughts on “First and Last

  1. Jenna you all had a great year!! I hope your summer is just as good! I can’t wait to follow along here on your summer fun!!!


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