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June Goals and a May Recap

Today is the last day of May. I blinked and this month was here and now gone. Here is a little recap of my April goals…

  • Workout 3-5 times per week. Baseball really took over our schedule this month but I averaged 3 times a week which was good enough for me!
  • Plan Summer Break. Summer Break is planned and you can read all about our Summer Bucket List 2018 here.
  • Get new teacher planner. I went to order my new planner from Michaels twice and they were sold out both times! I just have to wait for the Happy Planner to get re-stocked.
  • Plant pots/flowers and finish garden…done and done!
  • 1:1 time with each kiddo.Maddi and I went for a pedicure and manicure and Guy got lots of 1:1 time playing catch, batting practice this month as well. It was fun to spend some time alone with them and I know they both love that undivided attention.
  • Host a dinner. We had some new friends over this month for pizza and it was so much fun. We also went over to dinner at another families house and had a lot of fun. This past weekend we also spent time with friends. It has been a month full of fun with other families.
  • Intentional family time.We have really had a lot of fun together this month. Even if it is watching Family Matters before bed or playing catch and listening to music in the back yard or fishing. We soaked in the family time this month.

Now a peek at my June goals…

  • No eating after 7 PM. Let me enter a little side bar here…sometimes our schedule gets really lax in the summer so dinner might be a little later, but I am talking about a bowl of ice cream or cookie. None of that.
  • Walk 60 miles.
  • Do a DIY craft with the kids…My kids love projects so I thought it would be fun to do something together during summer on a slow or rainy day.
  • no snacking…unless it is veggies. I was listening to a Podcast the other day and the guest said “no snacking, you are not a toddler” and that really resonated with me. I need to up my veggie game so if I absolutely need something veggies it is…and no humus.
  • Make a new ice cream. Homemade ice cream is one of our favorite summer treats and it would be fun to try a new recipe. Any suggestions?
  • Try a new recipe each week…I am looking to up my school year menu plans so this will be fun and hopefully I can find new family favorites.
  • Try a new place for date night…Brandon and I are looking for new places to eat for date night. This will be a fun one!
  • Clean out cupboards…I need to clean out my cupboards in the kitchen and I also want to tackle my medicine cabinet in the bathroom as well. Bye bye hair spray!
  • Wash outside windows…

What are your goals for June? Thanks for reading today!


8 thoughts on “June Goals and a May Recap

  1. I love the idea of trying a new recipe out each week. You’ll have to share some of those recipes!!

  2. Great goals for June! I really like the no snacking unless veggies, I mean if we can do that we would for sure see results probably, right?!?! I try so hard not to eat after 6 and it is TOUGH but I manage, I just go bed hangry sometimes hahha

  3. You are totally inspiring me with your healthy eating and excercising!! I used to love Family Matters!! Might have to start watching it with the kids!!

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