Summer Bucket List 2018

Thank you to all the men and women who have served this country. Today is about those who we remember who have given the ultimate sacrifice. So while we have a long weekend, BBQ’s, and fun, please remember those who serve, who have served, and who gave up their lives for our country.

We try to do a little something fun each day. You can also see our Summer Daily Schedule here. It does not have to be fancy, in fact many of the things on our list are not fancy or expensive. To me, it is more important to have a list that gives the kids something fun to look forward to, to keep them off of screens, and to get us out of the house and exploring. Bucket lists do not have to be a competition. Are these items new and ground breaking? No, absolutely not! I just want to foster an attitude of gratitude and look for fun ways to embrace the season.

Many people (myself included) think of this weekend as the kick off to summer! We might have school for two more weeks but we are kicking off summer and ready to get all the fun started. While our bucket list looks similar to last year’s Summer Bucket List we did add some new fun…

Here are some budget friendly tips from our list…because while we want to play all summer, if you don’t find deals, the fun adds up quickly…

  • Bowling...if you want FREE BOWLING stop what you are doing and visit THIS WEBSITE NOW! 100’s of bowling alleys from around the country are registered. It takes about 2 minutes to get signed up and your coupons are e-mailed to you weekly. Bowling is a great way to beat the heat of the day!
  • Movies…check into your local movie theatres, ours does a weekly matinee that costs $1.
  • Silverwood…Silverwood is a local amusement park and the kids each earned free tickets by reading for 10 hours in the months of February and March. See if your school offers something similar.
  • Aquatic Center…Check into your local pools, many offer special summer savings. We have pools that range from $1 a trip to $9 per day We like going during family night because we can all get in for $10 and you can even bring in your own picnic dinner.
  • Outdoor movie…Our parks and rec has a “Movies Under the Stars” where you can bring in your own dinner, lawn chairs, blankets, whatever…or eat from food trucks and watch a movie. Check this out in your town!
  • Library…Our kids have a Summer Reading Log for school, to encourage summer reading our libraries have fun summer reading programs. Each week kids earn prizes like a free ice cream cone, a free cheese burger from McDonalds, a free pool pass and so much more. Two birds, one stone.

Things on Mama’s Bucket List…

  • Paint my office space.
  • Date nights at least bi-weekly.
  • READ! I have so many books that I want to read and can’t wait to dive into that pile.

What is on your bucket list this summer?


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