2018 Garden…Planted Edition

Ever since I was a young girl we have had a garden. I don’t remember a summer that I didn’t have a garden, either in my backyard growing up, I grew two tomato plants during college in pots (always been a plant lady, #plantladyforever), and then when I got married I had one. Here is our garden this year…

In the first garden box we have one row each of carrots, radishes, beets, and three rows of corn, as well as some Walla Walla Sweet Onions.

Box #1

In box number two…a 100 sweet cherry tomato, basil, more Walla Walla Sweet Onions, and two zucchini plants (hang tight for the picture)…

We also have eight other tomato plants. We have three early girl tomatoes, three better boy tomatoes, a heirloom tomato plant and a yellow cherry tomato plant.

Tomato Plants

We also have mammoth sunflowers started. These will grow to be between 6 and 8 feet tall. We start  them from seeds in plastic cups.


I also have a couple of different varieties of pumpkins that we are starting…

Guy also has his own addition to the garden…his own wheat field.

Here are some of my favorite sprays that I like using on my garden…


  • I spray my plants down weekly with Sevin. I like the spray version better than the powder version. The powder version will kill your squash and zucchini plants so watch out. I use this on my flowers and veggies.
  • Dynamite Mater Magic is GREAT for tomatoes. Just add a couple of capfuls to the soil around your tomatoes every three months. Your tomatoes grow bigger and juicier.
  • Deadline Bug Bait attracts pests (like earwigs, ants and slugs) away from your plants and kills the. I LOVE it because it does not go onto the plan itself, but around the outside of your garden.
  • Miracle-Gro is my favorite fertilizer for both flowers and veggies. I use it often. I bought this big container for around $12 at Costco and have had it for two years now.

I love mowing and fertilizing, pulling weeds, and watering. Here are some of my suggestions for a healthy yard…

  • I fertilize once a month and use the different Scotts fertilizers.
  • I spray once a month (for weeds)
  • Raise your mower and leave your grass longer in the summer. This helps your grass to not dry out.
  • Only mulch your grass when it is going to be consistently above 80. If not, bag your grass. This prevents rotting and fungus.
  • We add new dirt each year to our garden beds and pots.

Do you grow a garden? What do you grow?

8 thoughts on “2018 Garden…Planted Edition

  1. Thanks for the garden tips!! I have a flower garden then do veggies in my beds every year too but I need to better about using products to help them grow/last!

  2. We have a garden too and we successfully just transplanted our sunflowers we grew from seed but I don’t have much luck with other seeds. This year we have tomatoes, green peppers, chives, basil, zucchini and string beans :). It’s a fun family project!

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