Teaching Tuesday…How to Handle the Month of Cray…I mean May!

I thought I would stop in here and there and talk about probably one of my biggest passions and loves, teaching. In case you are new around here, or didn’t know, I teach kindergarten and absolutely love it. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. This time of year as a mama of two plus a teacher can be absolutely crazy, we have sports, we have programs, we have STEM night, we have field day, School Olympics, a day at the water park, plus end of the year assessments, report cards, classroom orders, splitting up students into classes and so much more. Welcome to May-hem.


Take it one day at a time…shoot, even one block of time at a time. Are we still learning? Yes! Are we still doing curriculum? Yes! Are we going to the school Olympics today? Yes! I am pretty much looking at my day in chunks of time, when can I get reading and math in? Now, what fun thing is planned for the day?

Look forward to things outside of school…Guy has a baseball game three nights this week, I am going to squeeze in some 1:1 time with Maddi this week, Brandon and I have a golf date scheduled for the weekend, a fishing trip with the family bam, and I don’t have a single meeting after work this week. We get family time each afternoon this week and that is something to cheer about!

You can’t pour from an empty cup…Refuel. I do not need fancy things to refuel. I love sitting on the couch under a blanket and a cup of tea with Brandon and watching a TV show. I love painting my fingernails and toe nails, I love baking or cooking dinner, watering my flowers and garden or doing yard work. Whatever it is that refuels you, do it! This time of year can feel like we are giving it all to everyone else, so don’t forget to give yourself some attention to.

Workout…Nothing helps me beat my stress than getting in some miles walking. I clear my head, I listen to music or visit with Brandon. Working out is a life line this time of year.

Go over the schedule…I am a big believer in my planner. Brandon and I talk each Sunday to go over the week ahead. Also, as soon as something pops up on the schedule we let one another know. We go over the schedule all the time so we are always on the same page.

Get your people…No one really understands the stress and busyness of the end of the year quite like other teachers. Surround yourself with light-hearted people who can make you laugh, remind you why you love doing what your doing, and can share in the crazy…like “we don’t show our butts”…”did you just use that glue stick as chapstick?”…

Write a list and check it twice…I have a “to-do” list each day in my classroom but this time of year instead of my regular to do list, I use sticky notes. I try to separate them into lists of things to do now or copies to make, and things to get to (report cards, classroom order), and then also one of daily things to do. Nothing feels better than crossing off all the things and throwing them away.

I love this time of year, it is full of fun and full of excitement. My biggest piece of advice is to try and soak up the crazy, try and soak up the smiles and laughs, try and soak up the fun because you never get this time again with your little classroom family. I loved these kids hard for 180 days and they really become a piece of my heart, so as crazy and as hyper as they are…I just really try to LOVE them BIG this time of year and embrace all the fun.


6 thoughts on “Teaching Tuesday…How to Handle the Month of Cray…I mean May!

  1. These tips are amazing for all moms. This month is about to do me in. My hubby wants to go away this weekend and I’m just so feeling a weekend at home is what I need most. I know May is this way every year and don’t know how I haven’t learned to prepare myself better! Loving the pics you included with this post!!

    1. This is the craziest month. It is the storm before the calm. I don’t know how I haven’t learned to prepare myself better either…it just kind of creeps up on me 🙂

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