Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {5/11/18}

Today I am linking up  with Andrea, Narci, and Erika.   Today I am recapping some of my favorites from the week.


This week was a lot of fun, a little cooler and rainy, and a good balance between busy and chill. Here are some favorites from the week.

Brandon surprised me with my new FAVORITE cookbook this week…today I am going to try her Brownie Pie.

My Para Pro set up a little Birthday party for me in my classroom (because I have a summer birthday) and the kids surprised me with it. She also got me this cute garden sign…it is a FAVORITE.

My rhododendrum is blooming and that is always a FAVORITE.

This meme and then seeing this in one of my kids journals that same day…a FAVORITE…

Maddi’s self portrait is a FAVORITE art project of hers from this year.

This is still my FAVORITE sunscreen of all time and last weekend during the baseball games we had to bust it out.

I need a good body scrub this time of year and I love this one. It is handmade and a FAVORITE! You can find it here. They also sell many more homemade lavender items! So good!

My FAVORITE farmer is growing wheat and it is getting tall.

I went dark on Tuesday and I think this might be my new FAVORITE color.

My FAVORITE package from the week included bunches of spring/summer candles.

Watering my flowers and garden while sipping coffee each morning is my FAVORITE chore.

What are your favorites from the week? I hope you have a great Friday!


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    1. I love hair day! I told my lady to just do her thing! Hahahaha! I am digging it a little darker. Good luck tomorrow with your appointment! I can’t wait to see your hair!

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