Right Now

Right Now

Right now…



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  • Maddi’s favorite phrase to say right now “That’s cold!”. When something witty or sarcastic is said she usually responds with that.
  • She is really excited to take her State Tests and is really confident in her ability.
  • Maddi is signed up for a pretty challenging basketball camp this summer and is really happy to be doing this.



  • Guy is playing baseball and loves playing 1st base or catcher. He also asked his coach to throw him a “meatball” at the last game.
  • He is really excited for summer and most excited for our bucket list creation.
  • Guy is really good at memorizing his Bible verses for Sunday School and has started inviting all his friends to church.



  • Brandon has untangled more fishing line from trees this season than ever before.
  • We got our garden in and have loved being outside working in our yard.
  • Brandon and I have been watching Southern Charm…yep! And I love that he watches it with me.
  • We are really excited to start playing golf now that the weather has warmed up.

What is going on with your family? I hope you have a great Tuesday!



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