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May 2018 Goals…and an April Recap


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A new month means a new month of goals. I love setting goals for the month ahead and looking back on the goals I set. Here is a look at April…



  • Plan garden and plants… Complete. I have my garden started but plan on planting my flowers this coming weekend.
  • Clean carport/patios and refresh outside…Complete. But then this weekend we had a downpour and now my carport needs hosed out and swept again.
  • Read 3 books…I read two books. The Armor of God and Girl Wash Your Face.
  • White wash a wall…I feel like this has been on my goals for a year now and it hasn’t gotten done…I did not put it on next month’s goals either.
  • Post new recipe each week….I posted three new recipes but didn’t post the last two weeks because of fair. I do have a Baked Taco recipe coming up this Saturday.
  • Have everything ready for the fair before the fair… This took up most of our April. You can read about the County Fair 2018 here.

Now for May…

  • Workout 3-5 times per week. With Guy in baseball and all the end of the year stuff going on I have to schedule my workouts. I know this time is important and scheduling it out between games, practices, and concerts is going to help me accomplish this goal…plus a good husband who encourages me to get it in!
  • Plan Summer Break. First of all, did I just type that? How are we this close? It makes me so excited to think about the fun things and relaxing morning. Maddi has some basketball camps and Guy has a football camp, they have a fun trip to Disneyland planned and so much more!
  • Get new teacher planner. I like getting my planner in May so I have it ready to roll before school is out. I am going to get a Happy Planner this year and not an Erin Condren.
  • Plant pots/flowers and finish garden…I need to finish up my veggies and herbs and get my pots planted.
  • 1:1 time with each kiddo. Maddi and I have some 1:1 time planned and now I need to plan some time with my boy.
  • Host a dinner. I thought it might be fun to have some people over for some games and a BBQ.
  • Intentional family time. May is “Mayhem” so being intentional about time together as a family is really important and good for our souls. We are also going to enjoy the sunshine and weather and hopefully get in a bunch of fishing and golfing as a family in the evenings.

What are your goals for this month? I hope you have a great day!


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