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County Fair 2018

Sorry that I have been a little M.I.A. around these parts. I have missed comments, and other blog posts but life has been a little jam-packed. Fun, crazy, exciting, and bitter-sweet. Sleep won out for all of us yesterday so I did not get this post up. This weekend was our local County Fair and Livestock show…

Since November, Maddi has been raising Harold. Look how little he looks in this picture…


Fast forward to this past Thursday, Harold weight in at the fair at 1,367 pounds! Maddi raised him as a market steer for 4-H. Thursday we weighed Harold in, and then quickly set out to wash him and get him all shined up for showing.

We also led him around the arena,…which proved to be difficult. He was on edge because of the other animals and ended up bucking and kicking so Brandon had to take over.

We tied Harold up for the night and headed to the carnival for some fun.

Friday morning was Market Class. Maddi had to show Harold and ended up getting 9th overall (grades 3rd-12th). She was called into the Championship round.

Harold was as sweet as pie on Friday. He did so good and followed Maddi around the ring (which she was nervous about because on Wednesday he cornered her in the pen and head butted her up against the fence).

Guy got his face painted.

We had lots of fair treats.

And then we came home and passed out from exhaustion.

Saturday was Fitting and Showing. Maddi was being judged for her showmanship skills. Let’s just say that Harold (and the other steers in the ring) felt a little more lively this day. He was not listening, he was kicking, he was head butting, it was a mess and really nerve wracking to watch your 70 pound daughter try to muscle him around the ring.

Saturday night was the sale.

Once Harold was sold we took out last pictures with him and went home with watery eyes and heavy hearts.

Maddi was pretty upset on Sunday morning but is so excited to do this again next year.

4-H has taught her so much and really brought out a lot of confidence in her. I really encourage you to look into your local 4-H chapters to see what is available. We are already looking forward to next year!


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