God Doesn’t Move

When you first accept Jesus into your heart and into your life as your Lord and Savior you can feel Him. You can feel the Holy Spirit growing inside of you, you can feel Jesus next to you. You can hear Him speaking to you, and you can see His hand at work. God doesn’t move.

When you get a little more comfortable living in the world and all the excitement that comes along with getting older…turning 21 as an example…and decide to have a couple of drinks with your girlfriends on a Saturday night and miss Sunday’s service, God doesn’t move. He is right there beside you.

When that missed Sunday turns into four missed Sundays because you have other things that need to get done, like the laundry and the grocery shopping. God doesn’t move.

When you get married and make that vow to God to love and cherish this man forever and ever amen. You mean those vows. God doesn’t move. He is right there. God LOVES marriage. I know for a fact that God has blessed my marriage. I prayed for Brandon and the man that Brandon was long before I met Brandon. Brandon prayed for me and the type of woman that I was, long before he met me. God was there. God heard our prayers and God didn’t move.

When you are going to church and reading His word, God is close by. God doesn’t move. When you worship together, and pray together, God doesn’t move.

When your babies are born and your life revolves around taking care of tiny little humans, God doesn’t move. When all you can focus on are feedings and diapers and getting a shower and laundry and cleaning and cooking,  God doesn’t move.

When you argue with your spouse of trivial things, or become upset with them for whatever reason and you just don’t know how you can do it one more day. God doesn’t move. When your heart turns a little harder and bitterness creeps in like a thief, God doesn’t move.

When you realize that the only time you ever spend in the word is reading your devotional and maybe a verse a day, God doesn’t move. When that time becomes less and less because life gets in the way, God doesn’t move.

God never moved.

God is always right there in the midst of all of your circumstances. God is waiting for you through all of your pain, all of your storms, all of your losses. God is waiting. God doesn’t move. We move.

My prayer for you is that if you have moved away from God, look to Him. You can never move too far for Him to not see you or love you. Turn to God. Start walking closer to God. It is amazing what He can rebuild from the ashes when we turn to Him and give ALL of ourselves to God. Turn to God, because He didn’t move. You moved. He has been with you through it all, by your side, the same as He was yesterday, today, and the same as he will be tomorrow. God doesn’t move.


4 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Move

  1. Amen love that – our pastor once said He is always sitting waiting to chat with you. I find my life to go way more smoothly when I put my hands out and say, “My life is in your hands. Direct my path and allow me to surrender to you.” xoxo ERIN

    1. I agree so much Erin! I love that you put your hands out and say that. I love praying with my palms up and accepting his love and grace and then when I am letting go of things I turn my hands over. I love talking Jesus 🙂 I wish we lived closer together!

  2. Sweet words Jenna. I definitely see the difference in all areas of my life when I move away from including God in my life on the daily.

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