Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites…

Today I am linking up  with Andrea, Narci, and Erika.   Today I am recapping some of my favorites from the week.


What a fast week! Sometimes the week after a break drags on and we are tired at the finish line, this week sailed by and we are heading in strong to the weekend. We had a fun week and here are some of my favorites…

This creepy mask that I found in Guy’s backpack was a FAVORITE…

Watching Guy play baseball is always a FAVORITE as well. I love his love for the game and how he is a true team player.

Spring lesson plans are also a FAVORITE. We planted sunflower seeds for Mother’s Day and the kids always love watching the flowers grow.

I am a little bit picky about my candles (I love BBW) but Brandon’s step mom gave me this candle and the smell is a FAVORITE. It also burns really clean and is an even burning candle. If you ever see this brand of candles snag one up.

Carrie Underwood’s new song is a FAVORITE. This song will be on repeat for awhile!

I got this basil plan from my grocery store and I love it. I just keep it in a glass in the window and keep it submerged in 1/2″ of water. This is a FAVORITE. We love basil.

I had a very happy mail day this week which is also a FAVORITE.

Also, WalMart has super cute kimonos right now.

And last, but not least I loved this meme from the week! I know Brandon can relate!

I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend! As always, thank you for reading!


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites…

  1. Hahahaha that last meme! So true! I can’t wait for Brayden to have games, I haven’t seen him play all year since I don’t go to his practices but the hubby says he is looking good! They are suppose to have one tonight but it’s calling for rain 🙁 Have a great weekend!

    1. I love watching kids in sports. I always thought I would dread it but it is my favorite thing to watch them do what they love. I am excited for you to watch Brayden! I hope he gets to play soon and I hope your weather gets better!

  2. Ok so now I need to go to Walmart for a kimono because I want to try the trend and also tell me all about those books you are reading. They are both on my list. I am currently reading Cultivate What Maters by Lara Casey! It’s good!

    1. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Cultivate What Matters! I am wanting that books as well. I am loving both of these books so far. I love that I can relate to both women as far as not being perfect while struggling with perfectionism.

  3. You can totally rock a kimono! I look at them all the time and think they look really cute on everybody else but I’d like crazy. I guess I just need to try it. I have downloaded the Girl Wash Your Face book but have not started it. It looks so good! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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