10:10 April 2018

It’s Wednesday! Yesterday was the 10th so that means that I took 10 pictures throughout my day. It was a pretty normal Tuesday which are my favorite days to look back on…

I like to start my day with Jesus! You can read more about my Daily Quiet Time here.

This was my outfit for the day.

At school we learned a new math game to play during work station time.

We are reading my favorite book right now in class!

I have recess duty on Tuesday and this is what I saw my son doing…four kids were able to pile on his back.

After school I went for a run on the treadmill and watched some Real Housewives.

Tortellini was for dinner!

After dinner we all went outside to play catch and this guy is a beast.

While the kids at dessert (ice cream) I snuck in some reading.

And tea on the couch, talking with Brandon is the perfect way to end any day!

I hope you had a great 10th of the month. Would anyone want to link up next month with their 10 pictures? Have a great day!


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