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10 on the 10th…10 Things I have in my Car

Today I am so excited to be linking up with one of my favorite ladies, Erin from Perfectly Port Family. Today we are sharing 10 things in my car.

Before we start, I have a question. Does anyone else name their cars? It might be because I married a farmer, but every farmer I know names their rigs, so my car…I call her Dollly.


I have to say, this next picture really sums up my car sometimes…and I do blame my kids. Hahaha!

There are actually benefits to having a messy mom car! Come check out this cartoon that will make you giggle :)

Now onto 10 things that are in my car…


Car gum and car mints. Yes, I also have purse gum too, but I have gum and mints that I keep only in my car at all times. Brandon is the best because he makes sure my car gum and car mints are fully stocked at all times.


Coffee cards for various coffee shops that I stop at.


Sunglasses. I always have both my prescription sunnies and regular sunnies with me in my car.


A USB charger. I love this one because it has multiple chargers and works well for our charging needs.


A drink. I always have a bottle of water in my car or something to drink. My kids also know that they can drink water in the car at anytime as well.



A blanket, umbrella, and a coat. I keep these in my trunk because you never know what the weather will be like. I get cold at baseball and football games so I come prepared and just leave the two in my trunk.


Speaking of being warm at sporting events…my wonderful husband also bought me a heater to bring along! This is also in my trunk from September-April for anytime we are outside in the cold.



And because I am a sports mom, I also keep folding chairs in my trunk


I also take extra napkins from fast food places and place them in my console for emergency use. I also use Wet Wipe hand wipes as well.

Image result for Wet Wipes Hand wipes


An atlas. Even though I CANNOT read a map. My kids love looking at it and you never know when you might have to go old school. By the way, Costco sells a really nice atlas for cheap.

Image result for Road Atlas

What is in your car? Do you keep a tidy car? I can’t wait to read what other’s have in their cars. I hope you have a great day!


16 thoughts on “10 on the 10th…10 Things I have in my Car

  1. I love that you have a heater in your car!! I wish I was at spring sporting events with you. And I totally need to keep a phone charger in my car. I haven’t bought an extra charger since I switched phones. Have a great Tuesday!

    1. The coat and blanket have been more useful than I imagined and I came across the coat idea accidentally one time when I forgot my coat in my car. I was so grateful for a bad memory! 🙂

    1. They have had them the past few years at WalMart in the winter (you might be able to find one on clearance) or on Amazon year round! They are a must for early baseball season!

  2. You are all set with all the goodies, gadgets, and essentials you keep in Dolly! Great car name, by the way! 😉 While we aren’t set on a name for our new Explorer, my youngest suggested we call her “Dora” – lol!
    – Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  3. My car is named Ruby!
    And you just added another reason for me to appreciate my kid doing an indoor sport (dance) – because sitting in a nice temperature controlled auditorium in comfy seats don’t require me to carry lawn chairs or heaters! Garment bags & clothes racks & a whole department store of hair care & makeup, yes – but no chair or heater!
    Lisa @ Tales from the Love Shaque

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