Hope in Jesus

I will have hope

Brandon and I sold our first home five years ago. At the time we had a one year old and a four year old. They would leave their toys, blankets, bottles, clothes, all over the house. It was a never ending game of playing pick up. Trying to keep up with the laundry, the dishes, everything. We would get a call from the realtor and have to be out of our in a moments notice for a house showing. We would run around the house like crazy, Brandon’s job would be to Febreeze the house and light candles and turn all the lights on to brighten our home. My job was to grab as many toys, blankets, bottles, and cram them into cupboards, dirty dishes would be thrown into the dishwasher…sometimes into the oven…wherever there was room. If someone opened one of our crammed closets, I can’t be sure that an object or objects didn’t crash down onto them. Or maybe they had an awkward “oh no, how am I going to get this back into the closet and make it look normal” thought.

Dark days, dark spots, dark areas, darkness. We all have them. We all have those areas of our lives that we would like to shut the world out and never let anyone see. We all have things that we  try to hide. We all have dark spots that we try to ignore or push aside until we just can’t anymore. Like an overstuffed closet crammed full of junk, carelessly thrown in. Did you know that Jesus loves us so much, that as the light of the world, he is going to illuminate that dark spot and bring it front and center in your life? He cares about you so much he is going to bring that dark spot out and then remove the stain so it’s bright white and clean.

Jesus wants us to walk in truth. Jesus wants us to be the light to others and the truth. But the tricky thing about living in the truth and the light means that sometimes painful things happen because of it. God loves us so much that he sent Jesus to take on all of our sins and die for us then set us free. He loves us THAT MUCH!

Sometimes we try really really hard to pretend we are not our true selves, sometimes we try really hard to push things aside and act like they aren’t there. Sometimes, just like that stuffed closet, stuff just completely tumbles out. Sometimes that stuff is painful, painful to you, painful to others. Sometimes He shines that light on a dark spot you didn’t even know was there. Sometimes you fight the light. Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with it because what you are doing or had done to you is just too painful to bear.

Please know, no matter what dark spot you might be going through right now there is hope in Jesus. I know that when I am at my worst, God is working for my best. While I am waiting, God is working and he is on my side. Even if it feels like he is working against me. d will never give up on you, no matter how bad I mess up (and I mess up several times daily), he still wants to be at work in my life. God’s plan is BIGGER than my sins. God’s plan is BIGGER than your sins.

Hope is not found in possessions. Hope is not found in the crammed, dark closet that you pray no one opens or sees. Hope is eternal life. God will never leave you without hope, no matter how dark your darkest spot is. My prayer for you today is that God shines light into your dark areas and you can find hope in Him.

Psalm 39:7


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