Hello Spring! Yesterday was the first day of Spring and it was super sunny here! Now today is supposed to be rainy and snow is forecasted for this weekend but I will take the sunshine anytime!

First things first, a little business…next Thursday the 29th will be my link-up for Pin-It/Spin-It. Last month I had a little family matter and  missed the link-up YIKES! But not this month…please join me next Thursday! Show a few pins and how you put your own spin on them (outfits, crafts, recipes…whatever you want!).

Pin it Spin ItNow onto all things spring…

Spring makes me think of the County Fair…


Spring makes me think of Baseball…


Spring makes me think of planting my garden…

Spring means stocking the kids up with books for summer…

Spring means bike rides…


Spring means playing outside and enjoying the sunshine…

Spring means running outside…

When you think of spring, what do you think about? Spring Cleaning? A fresh start? Sunshine? I am so excited for Spring and welcoming it with open arms. I hope you had a great first day of spring!


16 thoughts on “Spring!

    1. I agree Lizzie, we are wanting to be outside all the time…especially now that it is so light outside later into the evening.


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