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10 Things I’ve Learned about Being a Mom

On Sunday Maddi turned 10. A whole decade! 10 complete years of being that girl’s Mama. I can remember so many things like they just happened yesterday…like the day Brandon and I left the hospital with her and we were both crying. How could they just send her home with us? 10 hours earlier we were asking them how to change her diaper and having them show us how to do it! Or the time that Maddi decided she wanted bangs and cut her own hair.

  1. 1. The days are long but the years are short…

I know this might be an over-used old saying but it is true. I blinked and I have been a mom for a decade. It seems like just yesterday I was painting pink stripes on a wall for Maddi’s nursery or listening to Brandon sing “Amazing Grace” to get Maddi to go back to sleep. I can still hear her singing her “ABC’s” and how she used to sing/spell her name. I blinked and 10 years went by.

2. It gets better…

I remember waking up to a crying baby each night and watching Sports Center at all hours of the night and wondering if I would ever get a full nights sleep again. I remember being able to take a shower and having the baby start crying in the middle of it and wondering if I would ever get to take a shower ever again. Going out? Forget about it. Poopy diapers and the smell of formula, GAG wondering if I would have to carry a HUGE diaper bag everywhere with me. Always taking objects out of the hands and mouths of my kids, or the day when Maddi dropped my cell phone down the heater vent. Slowly but surely they grow out of the car seats and the booster seats, they can sit at a table quietly while you go out to eat, they start to learn how to play games, they build their personalities, they get senses of humor, they start telling you that they love you and wrap their little chubby arms around your neck, they start sleeping through the night…it gets better. And then it keeps getting better! Each new stage brings with it sweetness.

3.You have no shame…

When you find out your pregnant and start going to Doctor appointments, shyness goes out the window. There are SO many topics that get brought up that could make you turn red. When you go into labor, shame and embarrassment go out the window. You don’t care about anything. When you are standing at the front of a LONG line of people and your kid projectile vomits all over and everyone has to walk around you and your kid to get into the building…shame goes out the window. When your kid throws a mega tantrum in the ice cream parlor melts to the floor and you have to literally drag the child out of said ice cream parlor by one arm kicking and screaming….shame goes out the window.

4. Never say Never…

I was the worlds BEST mom before I had kids. Then I had kids. Oh my gosh…seriously I remember saying “I am never going to tell my kids no, that way they will never know the word and therefore, never say it.” I remember thinking, my kids will never act that way. I will never give my kids a pacifier. BLAH BLAH BLAH…there were months where I willed Guy and he never would. And my kids BOTH acted the way I swore they never would.

5. Pintrest is AHH-MAZING and sometimes overrated…

Pintrest has given us several hours of entertainment (slime recipes, cookie recipes, eating out of ice cube trays, paintings, so much). I also look at Pintrest around the Holidays and quickly decide that my kids will not have a homemade costume beautifuly created, or an Elf on the Shelf that does elaborate schemes…I’m ok with that. Which brings me to my next point…

6. Comparison can be the thief of joy…

There is always, always, ALWAYS going to be those moms that have it more together than you. Better dressed, playing with their kid at the park and providing organic fruit and veggie snacks for their kids while read on your Kindle, while wearing running shorts and some free t-shirt that was shot out of a t-shirt gun at a sporting event,  and glance up to long enough to spray your kid down with sunscreen and throw them Cheetos. There is ALWAYS going to be other mothers who you can look up to and admire, but you are the perfect mom for your kid(s) and can love them better than anyone else. Comparing yourself with other moms is a losing battle, we are all losing our minds one day at a time. Do you in those running shorts and ratty old t-shirt.

7. Say “no”…

And mean it. Stick to your guns. Don’t over commit your kids, don’t over commit your family. Don’t give into every single want. Say “no” and mean it.

8. Simple is better…

My kids love simple. I have done elaborate parties for my kids and we have taken some excellent vacations as a family, but my kids love simple too. They love the simple days at home during the summer. They love flying kites in big open fields and getting a milkshake while taking a drive through the mountains to look for animals. My kids love staying at home and playing board games and jumping on the trampoline or running through the sprinklers. Keeping it simple allows them to really enjoy and feel treated when we do elaborate things.

9. Give yourself grace…

You will get angry…for instance the day my kids were constantly fighting over a tablet so I broke it in half (not my best example for showing grace)…you will lose your temper over something small. You will find yourself crying because you are exhausted and don’t know how you are going to manage to do it all. You will find yourself hiding Halloween candy so the kids can’t get it because you need a survival kit. You will find yourself making mistakes and missing events no matter how great your plan. You will disappoint your kids because they are their own selves with their own expectations. You will disappoint other family members and friends because you have to say “no” because it just doesn’t work for your family. Give yourself grace Mama.

10. Your heart will live outside of your body…

You will look at your children day in and day out and wonder how you ever did life without them. They are your biggest blessings. Raising kids is so much fun. It is a grand adventure. It is such a big job, but it is the greatest job we have as parents. You will look at your kids and understand that there is no other love like this. For the rest of their lives, they will be your heart outside of your body. Your greatest blessings.

Motherhood has been such a blessing. Motherhood has been full of tears, full of smiles, full of questions and doubts, full of fear, full of laughter, full of joy, full of love. Motherhood has been my biggest challenge, but also my greatest challenge. I know I’m not a perfect mother, I will never claim to be, but I get out of bed and try my best each and every day for my kids. Like I said, they are truly my heart outside of my body.

Thank you so much for reading this today!


Today I am so excited to be linking up with one of my favorite ladies, Erin from Perfectly Port Family. Today we are sharing 10 things motherhood taught me.

20 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learned about Being a Mom

  1. I love this post, Jenna. This might just be my favorite one we have done to date because there is so much love and wisdom tucked into these posts!!! I didn’t think about “no shame” but it’s so true, the amount of times I have gone someplace in my pajamas with no make-up is kind of embarrassing ;)! I am talking about the power of no tomorrow at our event, I don’t say it enough! xoxo ERIN


    1. I also loved this topic. I love the power and “no” and it is something that is so hard for this people pleaser. I cannot wait to hear how your event went!


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