How We...

How We…#MomFail and Live to tell about it!

Mom Fail…I do it everyday…sometimes bigger fails than other days, sometimes they are smaller and sometimes I don’t even know I am failing until I see the look on my kid’s face saying “don’t ever do that again mom!”.

…Eye Glasses…


When Maddi was in 1st Grade she told me she was getting headaches. My response was to tell her to drink water. At the beginning of 2nd Grade she told me “mom I look at the book and then I look up and my eyes go all crazy and try to go in and out and all over.” Being the sympathetic mom I am, I told her she was making this up. Her teacher came into my classroom laughing one day soon after and recommended I take her in to the eye doctor. Needless to say, home girl has to wear bifocals. #MomFail As a teacher I know the signs, I just didn’t even think about them in my own child. We have done a lot of laughing about this, but it is a total hand to the face mom fail.




…Granola Bars….



Don’t let that cute little face fool you. Last week I bought a box of granola bars from Costco and Brandon went to pack lunches the other day. He reached into the box of granola bars and there was only one left. Guy has been sneaking about five a day as snacks. Are you kidding me?!?!


Does your hairstylist just make her job look SOOO easy? A little snip here, layers there, quick snips with the scissors? Well…one day I was talking to my cousin Katie and somehow cutting our girl’s hair got brought up. She said she puts her daughters hair into a ponytail and then cuts her hair. I didn’t know she put it in a really loose low ponytail…I put Maddi’s hair up into a high ponytail and chopped it. NOT a good idea. It was 3 distinct layers of hair. Not only was it BAD but then I made it worse by trying to blend it. I am NOT a hair dresser. I took her into my hairdresser to salvage the rest.


But look at that cute little messy mop.

…Music to my ears….

We love to jam out to the radio in my car. One afternoon we were singing along to the radio and I have the music up a little and I could hear Maddi singing in the background. You have NO clue how bad songs are until your three year old is repeating the lyrics. Brittany Spears is no longer listened to with the kids in the car.




When Guy was just a little toddler and Maddi had turned 5 we had moved into our house in our new town. Each Spring a carnival comes to town and sets up on Main Street. Maddi had never been to the carnival but begged to go. Knowing she was too young to really enjoy it I loaded her and Guy into the car one night and drove them by the carnival twice. They got to see all the lights which made them really excited and they proclaimed to everyone that “We went to the carnival”. That little trick didn’t work the following years.


As moms we all try as hard as we can. We all start the day with the best of intentions. Yes, we all fall short each day and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that some nights as my head hits the pillows I do feel like a failure. Most nights I go to bed knowing that I poured love into my kiddos and did my absolute best. Those moments where I know I failed, when my tears are stinging my eyes and the lump in my throat is getting bigger and tighter, I just breathe because there is no bigger love on earth than the love of your child and they can get over things quickly (thank goodness). I hope you have a great day!






12 thoughts on “How We…#MomFail and Live to tell about it!

  1. I love this post!! OMG Guy with the granola bars!! And I so know what you mean about things when it comes to your own kids, you kind of dismiss them, I do it too!

  2. We all just do the best we can! It’s funny how we tend to ignore our kids’ complaints about headaches or whatnot until we realize they aren’t just crying wolf!

  3. Lol….I can definitely relate to the music in the car! Dillon loved the song Apple Bottom Jeans when he was in preschool….I never gave it a second thought until I was out running one day and listening to the song and was like OMG…

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