Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites…{3/9/18}


Today I am linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika.   Today I am recapping some of my favorites from the week

You guys, WalMart’s earring game is strong! I bought three pair and they are going to be perfect for spring and summer. I can’t help but think about picking up  more pairs.

Our weather has been absolutely perfect this week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still been in the 40’s but we have spent a lot of time outside this week after school. Sunshine is a FAVORITE!


If you are near Costco, get there and pick up this cheese…it is so good with a little grated on top of popcorn. That has been a FAVORITE addition to Friday night pizza and movie night!

Playing games together this week has been a FAVORITE of ours as well.

This has been a FAVORITE snack of mine this week.

These are my FAVORITE nail polishes for spring!

Essie’s watermelon

Image result for Essie Watermelon

And Essie’s Mojiot Madness…in my opinion the perfect shade of green for March.

Image result for Essie Mojito Madness

This mask has been a FAVORITE as well. I like the gel-like discs for under my eyes. It’s cooling and refreshing.


I hope you have a great weekend! We have a basketball tournament and lots of sunshine headed our way.



8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites…{3/9/18}

  1. So jealous of your weather. We’ve had snow flurries all week with no accumulation, so there’s been no benefit of it being too cold to do anything. At least give us a snow day. 🙂 enjoy your weekend friend!

  2. So much to love about this post! I am JEALOUS of your weather! haha We did wake up this morning to what looks like a beautiful winter wonderland, however i’m over it! ha! Those earrings from WalMart are SO cute!!! I wish I were more of an earring person. I like studs and that’s about it. And the cheese on popcorn sounds delish! I am kind of a cheese snob. I like good cheese. More expensive hard and crumbly cheese. Brian always rolls his eyes at me when we are at the grocery store and he picks up cheese and I saw “Eeew that’s a soft cheese” LOL =)
    Isn’t Essie Watermelon like the perfect spring color? I love it!! I love that green color too, that’s one color that I don’t have!
    Happy Friday Jenna!! Enjoy your weekend =)

    1. I love the Watermelon color! Oh my gosh Johannah you have to find this cheese! It’s also crumbly and SOOOO good! You would like it. I’m kind of a cheese snob too! Great minds my friend! I hope you have a great weekend with your family!

  3. First of all you need to create an Instagram page for all of your awesome Walmart finds! You always find some of the best things 🙂 And great minds think alike because I also posted about those great gel mask for underneath the eyes. I love them!! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

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