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How We…Take Care of Ourselves…

Happy Wednesday and Valentines Day friends! Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay. Today we are talking all about how we take care of ourselves.

First of all, as a busy mama taking care of myself has not always been a top priority. When your babies are little and your going through the “threenager” stage, you are in the trenches. It can be the toughest time but it goes by in the blink of an eye so slow down and rock your babies, because babies don’t keep. With all that being said, now that my kids are a little older and a little more predictable I feel like I have started to find some balance and finding a little time to take care of myself…

Working out…

In the summer I love getting up and going for a run or a walk first thing in the morning…it is EARLY because I like to go before Brandon leaves for work. This works well. During the school year it works best to get my workout in after school. The kids also like riding their bikes with me and Brandon and I are able to talk and reconnect.





…Girlfriend Time…

This can be a little tricky…Hi my name is Jenna and I am a homebody. I LOVE getting in time with my girlfriends but as working moms it can be hard. Most Friday nights you can find me eating pizza on the couch in my pajamas or sleeping (party hard!). My friends and I get together a lot during summer break or catching a movie, going to Trivia Night. As moms, this can be hard but making a point to get up and get out is always important.





…Me Time…

My “me time” is every morning. I get ready for work and take time to read my devotional and the Bible each morning. This quiet time helps me focus on God, but also get my priorities, heart, and head right before my mom and teaching jobs start.


Another way I squeeze in some “me time” is at the end of the day. I turn on a TV show and work on this blog. I respond to comments and read other’s blogs. This is a great way to unwind.




Finding balance is so tough. I make sure to eat healthy, I make sure to get a work out in, and I also make sure to get enough sleep (which is key!!!). I hope you have a great Valentines Day!





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