Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap {Talent Show, Basketball, Super Chill}

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Friday was a fun day, it was Ground hog’s day (6 more weeks of winter!) and the 100th day of school as well as our school’s talent show (which Maddi was in).

Our lunch ladies planned such a fun party for all the students for the Super Bowl and we wore our favorite teams or sports to school to celebrate.

In class each student brought in 100 small snacks to add to a snack mix. We had goldfish crackers, Skittles, M & M’s, Reeses, marshmallows, popcorn and much more. My students declared this as their favorite snack ever.

Next was the talent show. During intermission Guy and his friends (we all refer to them as the Fraternity) started busting out dance moves…

Maddi was right after intermission and she did a dance/gymnastic routine.

Later Friday night Maddi had a basketball game and they ended up losing. It was a buzzer beater which was fun and exciting to watch.

Saturday morning started with coffee and TV.

Maddi also had her second basketball game of the day (which they won).

Look how cute these brothers look watching their sisters play.

We went to our third game of the tournament and ended up losing so we placed 4 out of six teams in the tournament. Those girls did not give up.

While Maddi and Brandon took care of Harold I whipped up a pot pie for dinner.

For dessert Guy chewed his ice cream sandwich into underwear…Boys

And Brandon and I have been watching Jersey Shore again and had our dessert of popcorn with some aged white cheddar melted on.

Sunday, sweet Sunday. We woke up and went to church. We came home and I made queso and meatballs for the game. We watched the Super Bowl while reading…

It was a great way to end our weekend. I hope you had a great one! I am so looking forward to afternoons this week…we have no sports practices and most days we have nothing planned. I love weeks like this. We have been running since school started so it will be nice for a  slow down. Happy Monday!


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  1. What a fun weekend!!! Guy’s dance moves on Instagram we’re too funny. I bet that boy is the life of the party. Way to go, sweet Maddi, in her talent show and basketball.

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