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February Goals and a Little Recap

Whewww! January lasted about 86 days or maybe even 2 years. Haha! You can see my 2018 Goals and Resolutions here. And now I’m back with monthly goals as well, some of them you might already see on the resolution list.

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Like I said, I did not make a goal list for January because I was busy with resolutions. Here is a look back at December…

  • Workout 4 times/week…well that didn’t happen.
  • Get 2018 planner purchased and set up. I am obsessed with my new planner from Create 365 Happy Planner…I LOVE it so much I am going to even get the Teacher Planner for next year. I have been an Erin Condren girl for years…not any longer unless they lower their prices and step up their game because these Happy Planners are C-U-T-E and affordable!
  • Try a new recipe each week.  Accomplished!
  • Organize hall closet…In all honesty this got done in January…but we also organized our pantry as well!
  • White wash a wall…that did not happen.
  • Paint a table…I have a cute sofa table that I painted white and it turned out so cute. I had been meaning to do that for a long time and I am so glad I got it done.

Now onto my February Goals…




  • Paint trim and white wash a wall…does that sound familiar? I can’t wait to have this done! Basketball is wrapping up and that will give me free time during the week and weekends to finish this project.
  • Wipe down bathroom cupboard…Everything needs taken out and the shelves need wiped down. This is silly but I wanted to write it down so it gets done.
  • Make Valentines…The kids and I came up with the cutest and most fun Valentine idea I can’t wait to share!
  • Walk/run 50 miles or more…I want to run races this spring so that means training now!
  • Post a new recipe each week…this week is a yummy dessert!
  • Memorize a new Bible verse each week…this week I am memorizing Psalm 37:4…

So true. It wont be desires of the flesh though. Itll be our desire for the fruit of the spiritI hope your February is wonderful! Thank you so much for reading today!



12 thoughts on “February Goals and a Little Recap

  1. Such a good verse and scripture memory is so helpful so God bring them to mind when we need them most. I have been so bad at it lately so thanks for the encouragement. Love your goals! So excited to see you accomplish them! xoxo ERIN

    1. It is so challenging to memorize scripture but it is also so AMAZING when the scripture comes to mind during a moment when you need it most. It’s like a breath of fresh air to the soul.

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