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Oh my sweet Maddison. When we found out we were having a little girl I rushed home and painted her nursery pink with shiny pink stripes and mint green. I ran to the store and bought the cutest little dresses and outfits and matching head bands and bows. I was so excited. I was so excited for a girly girl.

I have learned a lot about being a girl mom over the years. Maddi, although a girly girl, also likes to be outside. She loves playing sports and being part of a team. She has learned that being on a team requires team work and this has really helped her remain humble.


Maddi has a small group of friends. She is definitely a quarter gal. She would rather have four friends than 100. At first, I struggled with this as a mom, but as she has grown I have seen her remain true to herself, have confidence within herself, and also become really close to a couple of girls who are also great girls. A tight friendship like this will help her get through those teen years and life.


Sister Girl loves crafts and building things. She loves being creative and comes up with some great ideas.

Maddi is also the best helper I have in my kitchen. Her love language is quality time and she loves helping me in the kitchen and talking about our days or life in general.


Maddi has taught me so much in the past nine years. She loves getting up and performing in front of crowds. She has done plays, speaking parts, played an instrument and so much more. She practices, she is dedicated, and she works hard. She pours herself into these tasks. I wish I had that type of dedication and spirit to do hard things. I also pray that this is a foundation of confidence throughout her teen years.


This girl loves animals. Her heart is so big for all animals. And it makes me smile that such a little girl is bossing around such a big animal for fair!


I hope Maddi always remains a Free Bird. I pray for thick skin but a tender heart.


As a girl mom, I think it’s really important to teach our daughters that their worth is not in their looks or the clothes they wear. Their worth is not in attention from men. Their worth lies within their heart. Is it just, fair, and caring? No matter what career Maddi chooses in life I want her to love it with all her heart. I want her to know that being a wife and a mom are the toughest jobs she will ever have but also that a career is rewarding too. Always go above and beyond, always go the extra mile, and always take the high road. Your not weak if you cry, and your not less because your a girl.


I pray that Maddi knows that even in her moment of darkness she always has a mom that will stand behind her. No matter what and that she is much braver and tougher than she will even think she can be. May we all be that reminder to the girls in our lives.



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  1. Jenna I love this post. Being a girl mom is so rewarding, but as they get older it can be so heartbreaking as well. I love that you said Maddi is a quarter gal and would rather have 4 friends than 100. The end of last year Emma started being friends with more and more girls. While I thought that was amazing, this year she found out that it’s so much easier and better to have a small group of friends than 100. Emma’s age for girls is tough. She unfortunately found out that there are “mean girls” out there and some of them were her “so called” friends. We’ve been struggling with that, but she is one tough cookie!! Maddi seems like the sweetest little girl, and I have to say I just LOVE her red hair! She’s absolutely adorable!!!

    1. Hi Johannah, isn’t it funny that we are both worried about the friends. You are so right that this age is tough. Not quite old enough, but not young either. We are working through the mean girl stuff all the time and how to be a good friend and what we can do in tough situations. Thanks for sharing your heart with me!

  2. I love this Jenna – it’s so true. I want my daughters to know their worth comes from Christ and we are all worthy in Him. HE made us in His image! xoxo ERIN

  3. Shew! This girl mama is so worried about my girl growing up. I love how you pray that she have thick skin & a tender heart. Girls are mean, and I fear it will be hard to watch her heart be broken by ‘friends.’ I love this post, and Maddi is beautiful & so sweet! Good job, mama.

    1. My biggest prayer is for the thick skin and a tender heart because my skin is pretty thin and I take the weight of the world on. Not my best quality because it can make a person sink fast. I know that you are establishing a firm foundation for that little Ms. Nataleigh and she has so much confidence! Girls are so tough!

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