Right Now

Right Now…

I thought I would share with you some things that are happening right now with Maddi and Guy…



-She is getting ready to do the talent show at the end of the month. She is doing a dance/gymnastics routine and I am so excited to see her break out of her shell!

-Maddi is a beast at basketball. She is quick, a ball handler, great at shooting, and a good defensive player. My favorite part about watching her play is how humble she is and what a great team player she is. Basketball has really given her confidence.

-Maddi loves taking care of Harold and cannot wait to show him this spring.

-Home girl loves her some makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube. She wears her hair in a low pony most days and has a Punky Brewster type of style. Her confidence is growing which is so good because she is my timid and shy child.

-Maddi is really into the game “Two Truths and a Lie” and we play that every night at dinner. We use it as a tool to talk about our day, so we have to say two truths about what happened in our day and one lie and then everyone guesses the lie.



-Guy is gearing up for baseball and we have been playing catch all the time. He also has been using his swing trainer that Santa brought him.

-Guy is still not too cool for school to give me big hugs and kisses in front of his friends in the lunchroom. I secretly love it.

-Spelling tests and learning how to study for them were really difficult for us at the beginning of the year. The struggle was real. However, as the year has gone on Guy has really stepped up with his reading, his spelling, and his homework. He has worked really hard this year.

-Guy is full of pranks. We have a mouse finger puppet that looks real so he is always putting it in places to scare me. He likes to put it on top of our fridge door and it will fall down when I open the door and I scream. Or he will put it in my YETI cup or between my sheets and blankets.

-He says things like “SIIIICK!”, “wicked” or “DUUUUDE” when things seem really awesome.


I love these two so much and so wish I could slow down time. This age is sweet. I love that they are still little kids but quickly gaining so much independence. They love to play games and they get strategy, they love to do crafts and can pick up by themselves, they can brush their own teeth. The days are long but the years are short.



12 thoughts on “Right Now…

  1. A great little glimpse into your lives. I remember this phase as such a fun age too. Grace loved to wear a low ponytail at that age and insisted on always doing her own hair. Now she looks back at some of the pictures and sometimes cringes a little. I smile to myself as I remember how she loved certain hairstyles (that she doesn’t anymore!) Have a terrific Tuesday!

    1. I love that Grace looks back and cringes sometimes. I think we all do that. I remember the BIG bangs I used to have in High School and how much time I would spend on them in the mornings before school each day making them perfect. Hahahaha!

    1. I also hope that for my little Maddi. I hope she continues to stick to her convictions as well. Teen years freak me out a little so I soak up all the advice I can get from Mama’s like you!

  2. So fun to read more about Madi and Guy, especially since they are so close in age to my two! Marissa hasn’t really gotten into fixing her hair much or being aware of her appearance… yet. And Emily is my Punky Brewster kind of girl. These two, they are total opposites I tell ya!

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