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A Day in the Life…{Winter 2017}

I love these types of posts. They are my favorite to look back on, but also to read from others blogs so I thought I would share what a typical day looks like in my life right now. I documented Wednesday to share with you. Here is a peek at a typical week day for us right now…

I start my day at 5 AM.

I get ready for work (hair/makeup) and then read my devotional and Bible. Right now I am reading out of the book of John.

Next I check my blog and link-up if I need to. I also read blogs during this time.

I wake the kiddos up and Guy is always ready to go. This morning he had cereal and chocolate milk in a coffee cup.

While the kids eat breakfast I load the dishwasher with bowls and what not (because Brandon unloads the dishwasher before he leaves for work).

I make sure lunches are packed and Maddi’s basketball bag is ready to go.

We got to school around 7:15 where I looked over my lesson plans.

During morning meeting time I had the students find and circle the vowels in the message.

Next we used play-doh to practice our sight words.

I had two clementine oranges for a morning snack while the kids were at recess. They are like candy right now.

In math we are practicing counting on from five and using nickels and pennies to play a game.

When the kids went to P.E. I had a cup of coffee (thanks sister for the cute mug) and worked on report cards.

I also try to drink 3-4 of these cups of water each day at work. I love this cup and got it from my cousin for Christmas.

I also left school with a chain halter for Harold.

When I got home it was a happy mail day for me!

I worked on spelling with Guy and he had a little snack. Meanwhile Brandon was cleaning and fixing the track on our door…that is why there is a shop vac in the background.

I love coming home and vacuuming. I love to see those lines and I also swapped laundry over. My two favorite chores to get done right away.

Brandon went to pick Maddi up from basketball practice and she had pictures that day. When he got home we left for a walk. We walked our regular route but I forgot to turn on my Nike app to track our miles until one mile in. Whoops!

We came home and cooked dinner together, breakfast burritos.

I packed lunches for the next day….

….while Brandon read to the kids for their reading homework.

When the kids went to bed I painted my nails.

Brandon and I started reading from the book of Romans this night.

At 9:10 we went to bed, I worked on this blog post and responding to comments, and we watched a couple of episodes of Home Improvement before shutting our eyes at 10. I hope you had a great Wednesday. Instead of basketball practice this afternoon, we will be feeding a steer. Happy Thursday and thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…{Winter 2017}

  1. The day in the life posts are my absolute favorite posts to read. I’m SO nosey I think! hahaha You guys had a great day on this particular day. I love how you and Brandon both help out around the house. I think that is SO important in a marriage. I know I am thankful for all that Brian does as well to help out. We have two pretty great guys in our lives!

    1. I love these posts too! I love seeing how people structure their time, but also the different things they do throughout their day. I love them! I am always so thankful for Brandon and all he does! We are so lucky to have two pretty great guys!!!

  2. Love these post, I’m nosey and I think that is why I like them so! I really should do one soon, since I’m attempting to get back to blogging weekly! HA! love your mug and other big cup, super cute!! teachers are hero’s!!

  3. Love these posts! I also did a day in the life post this week. πŸ™‚ Your breakfast for dinner looks delicious! Reading this makes me miss teaching Kindergarten. Five year olds are the best! πŸ™‚

    1. I love that you taught kindergarten! 5 year olds are the best, I love them for their honesty, their innocence, their humor, and how happy and joyful they are over the simplest things. Thanks for stopping by!

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