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10 Tips to Beating the Winter Blues and Finding Joy

It is FRREEEEZZZING, it is rainy or snowy, it gets dark so early, you have to scrape ice off your windows in the morning. I could go on and on. Winter can be hard. Winter can get a person feeling down. I have had years where winter is a depressing time for me. This year, I am trying hard to embrace the time of year and find simple ways to find joy in the season. Here are 10 tips that are helping me to finding joy during these Monday-est of months…

There is a time each winter when things go from magical to miserable...

Get outside…On days when it is not frigid or raining, Brandon and I have been getting out and going for a long walk in the afternoons. In fact, we were able to get in two walks this weekend and it was actually sunny. It felt good to get outside.


Make some soup…What can lift spirits better than a bowl of hot soup and a grilled cheese sandwich? We love Taco Soup and Slow Cooker Loaded Baked Potato Soup, and Ham and Bean Soup. A hot bowl of soup on a snowy day puts smiles on all of our faces.

Clean out the clutter…This has been HUGE for us this year. We have went closet by closet and have started donating and throwing away so much stuff. The New Year is the perfect time to organize and get rid of things you no longer use. It has felt so good getting rid of stuff.

Say no…It seems like we are busy doing things from Halloween through the New Year. January is the first sigh of relief we have. It is ok to say no.  It is ok to focus on your family, and it is ok to say no. It is hard, but it is ok.

Have a treat…Hot coco is our favorite treat this time of year and we indulge in a few cups.


Attitude of Gratitude…Each day in my planner I take time to write down three things I am thankful for. Sometimes I even write more than three. This helps keep my thoughts positive.

Open Your Curtains…Each morning I open my curtains to let the natural light come through. This always helps lift my spirits. At night, I like keeping the lights down low, lighting a candle, and being all cozied in.


Pamper…I love painting my nails, or trying new Epsom salts in the bath. My kids love trying new face masks, or using bath bombs. These little delights help boost your mood as well.

Curl up with a good book or a good show…I don’t know about you but in the spring and summer we are on the go and outside doing things all the time. Winter is the perfect time of year to cozy up and read or start a good TV series.

Games…We love playing games or working a puzzle this time of year. Like I mentioned earlier, spring and summer leave little time for this. This is quality time as a family.

I hate Mondays and I hate January

How do you beat the winter blues? Thank you for reading today!


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16 thoughts on “10 Tips to Beating the Winter Blues and Finding Joy

  1. January is a tough month. We have so many birthday & celebrations in the first week that there is a major let down after that for the Hensley 5. I love these tips! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. I agree, I hate the feeling of being stuck indoors. When we have inside recess those days are so long for me because then I am inside again at home. I am longing for some spring and summer weather! 🙂

  2. Such awesome tips/ideas! It is freezing here too but right now we have fresh snow and it’s suppose to be in the 20’s today so the kids and I will be playing outside!!

  3. These are seriously some of the best tips Jenna! I’m the first one to complain about getting the “Winter blues”. This time of the year is hard around here, especially trying to get outside. 99.9% of our time is spent inside due to the snow and cold and I need to put these tips into use!!
    Happy Monday Jenna =)

    1. Johannah, I cannot even imagine having that much snow right now! I know you guys are covered. I really think getting outside helps me the most, but I know how hard that can be too! Hoping for sunshine for you friend!

  4. Love this post….I seriously took some outfit pictures today and was thinking of doing something about beating the winter blues. It’s so hard to fall into a depressed state when it’s cold and dreary.

  5. These are such great tips. Our January here in Texas has been a little more gray than usual, and I could use some of these ideas. January is definitely a month of Mondays. 🙂

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