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2018 Goals and Resolutions

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay. Today we are talking all about our New Years Goals and Resolutions…

I feel like there are two camps to resolutions and goals. I am a goal setting nerd. I love setting goals, reaching goals, and then crossing them off my list. I love hearing about other people’s goals, I love setting new goals, and I love reflecting back on why I might not have reached a goal. The other camp HATE resolutions and goals.

You can take a look back at my 17 Goals for 2017… I feel like overall I did a great job at reaching some of these goals, I worked hard on photography, I read more, I deleted my Facebook account, I read more, I kept my car clean. Things that I did not do…a complete shoulder stand in yoga, home improvement projects, run a race, paint the outside of our home, cut out soda (because sometimes a girl just needs a Pepsi).

Now, onto my 2018 Goals…

  1. Get baptized. Brandon and I both have this goal for this year and I want nothing more.
  2. Get back to church. We have not went to church for years and this year we are working hard at keeping God in the forefront of our marriage and lives.
  3. Read The Bible and devotional daily. I have started a new devotional (I have read Jesus Calling for years and now I am reading Jesus Always and I love it).
  4. Paint the outside of our home.
  5. Finish the kid’s rooms.
  6. Date night each month.
  7. Clean out closets.
  8. Paint trim and white wash a wall.
  9. Take a trip to a new place with my little family of four.
  10. Read 30 books.
  11. Walk or run 50 miles per month.
  12. Leave work with a clean desk each day.
  13. Leave work as close to 3:00 each day as I can.
  14. Focus on our budget.
  15. Collaborate with other bloggers, host a link-up, and maybe be featured on another blog.
  16. Build my audience of readers on this space.
  17. Paint our dressers and night stands.
  18. Focus on gratitude…write down three things I am grateful for each day.

I have two words that keep coming to my mind as we begin our year, FAMILY and FORGIVENESS. I would really like to focus on my family and planning fun things together, as well as strengthening our bond. Forgiveness is another word that we are focusing on this year as well. Building our faith and relationship with Christ is going to help our family become stronger and better than before.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by!



20 thoughts on “2018 Goals and Resolutions

  1. I love your goals!! Praying big prayers for you, friend! Satan will attack & discourage you, but you’ll have so many people lifting you all up! Here’s to 2018! May it be the best yet!

  2. Love all of these :). I am a goal setter. Mine are on my phone, now I just need to transfer them to a post! I hope you find a church family this year, I will be praying you do so! xoxo ERIN

  3. I love your goals!! Finding a church home can be so hard but in the end it is so rewarding. My biggest support groups have come from my church friends. I pray that you find the perfect fit for you and your family. And wow on deleting your Facebook!! I don’t know if I could delete mine but I definitely can go two or three days without looking at it. I am also up for doing something fun together in the blogging world. 🙂

    1. I would LOVE collaborating with you and doin something fun! I cannot wait to get back to attending church regularly as a family again. It is so important! I loved deleting Facebook and quickly realized I would check it mostly out of habit. I have not really missed it at all. I hope you have a great Wednesday!

  4. I have unplugged from Facebook, but didn’t delete my account. Way to go on doing that last year. I have loved not checking FB all the time and really haven’t missed it. And it really helps me not be comparing myself to others. I hope you find the right church. It can be really hard. After we moved back to the US, it took us awhile to find the right fit. Now we are at a church that the kids absolutely love and we like it for right now.

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