10 on the 10th

Let me Reintroduce Myself…


Hello there! Today I am linking up with my sweet friend Erin for her fun monthly link-up, the 10 on the 10th.  Today I thought this would be a great day to re-introduce myself and tell you 10 random facts about me.

  1. I am a NEAT FREAK! Clutter, hate it. Lists, love them. I vacuum my carpet at least once a day to see the vacuum lines in the carpet…it’s an obsession.
  2. I teach kindergarten and love it. I teach at the same elementary school I attended, I did my student teaching at, and in the same grade I did my internship. I LOVE kindergarten and cannot imagine teaching any other grade or with any other person.


3. I took pigs to the County Fair every year from 3rd Grade-12th grade. I was in 4-H and FFA. Maddi (my daughter) is taking her first market project to the County Fair this spring.


4. I am not crafty but I love to rebuild and repurpose furniture. You will not see me crafting or sewing though.


5.I cannot sing to save my life but I love to do it, especially in the car. I can rap though.

6. My picture perfect Saturday would include lots of coffee, Pioneer Woman, watching my kids play sports or being outside with my family.

7. I live for the summer time.


8. Old country music is my favorite, and my all time favorite lady is Dolly Parton, my favorite band is Alabama.

9. I like having painted nails and hate when they chip. I paint my nails about three times a week.

10. Gardening is my favorite hobby.


I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me today. Come back tomorrow where I am going to share my New Years Resolutions.


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28 thoughts on “Let me Reintroduce Myself…

  1. I love this and you! I hate chipped nails but I never get around to repainting them so I don’t do it as often. I do love that gel top coat so it helps protect them. I also got a job at the same district I student taught in and same grade, first grade! I love those little babes. PS I need to hear you rap, that’s amazing! Thanks for linking up and being such a sweet, loyal friend! xoxo ERIN

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  2. That is amazing that you are teaching at your old elementary school! This was a fun link up. For some reason, I hadn’t seen the 2018 topics on her blog. I’m off to go check it out!

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  3. I got a top coat on Amazon called Seche Vite. It fast drying and makes my nail polish last so much longer. I work in health care and I wash my hands all day long. This top coat makes all the difference! It’s also really cheap 🙂

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