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Pin It/Spin It {December 2017}

Happy Thursday! I am so excited to announce that the last Thursday of each month, beginning January 25th, will be a Pin It/Spin It link up! Share anything you are pinning and how you put your own spin on it. This could be fashion, crafts, cooking, decorating, whatever your heart desires.

here are my pins and my spins for the month of December….

My Pinspiration….

I love the button up under the cardigan with the sleeves rolled.

My spin…

My second look includes a fun graphic t-shirt and a flannel shirt. Here is my original pin….

Here is my spin….

Next up, a grey tunic and leggings….

My spin….

My next pinspiration came from a kimono and cowboy boots….

Here is my spin…

Thanks for reading today! I hope to see you back on January 25th for the link up!


5 thoughts on “Pin It/Spin It {December 2017}

  1. I’m marking my calendar for the 25th…..maybe I’ll remember!! it sounds like a fun link-up. I love your outfits and that Kimono is so cute!!

  2. Okay so I am excited for this buuut I can tell it takes some planning! How do you make this happen? Pin 5 pins at the beginning of the month and then remember to take pictures when you recreate?

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