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Workin’ It Wednesday: Keeping Sane During the Holidays


Oh the holidays. We have had plans during the week, and plans each weekend from Thanksgiving through the 26th of December. This time of year is B-U-S-Y. It is really easy to look at the month ahead and get lost in all of the obligations and traditions. I do a few things to keep sane…

Buy gifts that please…

I always make sure I have wine, tea towels, mugs, candles, seasonal soaps, on hand to wrap for a quick gift.


Make a list and check it twice…

I am a year round shopper and every year on December 26th I sit down and write my new list for the next year. It includes all the people I buy gifts for, what I buy them, any ideas that they give me, and where I hide the gifts.


That’s a wrap…

I have a wrapping bag that you can read about here.



Grace, the word that is so beautiful and packed with meaning but so hard to give yourself. I fall short each day, I try my best to make this season magical and fun and memorable but sometimes I’m tired. Sometimes the Elf literally sits on a shelf. Sometimes we don’t do anything festive at night because we are tired and worn out. It’s ok. Grace is important.

Planners gonna plan…

My planner is my lifeline. I keep everything in it.

Me time…

My “me time” is really important. Not only as a mom am I super busy this time of year, but as a teacher as well. There are deadlines and gifts to be made, and fun to be had in kindergarten. “Me Time” might be painting my nails, getting in a work out, or just sitting in my car in a parking lot and listening to music by myself…Hahahaha!  It is really important to take some time out to refresh. Each weekend seems to be getting busier and busier and so this is a little re-charge and re-set.

How do you stay sane during the holidays? Do you stress during the holiday season?




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