Having a Holly Jolly Christmas


Oh Christmas time, how I love you! This is my favorite time of year and I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my favorite Christmas traditions with my family.

The picture from above is one of our favorite nights, Christmas Eve Eve 2016 and 2015 Christmas Eve Eve. We bake cookies all day, stay in our pajamas, watch Christmas movies, and then go to Starbucks for a hot chocolate, drive around and look at the lights, as well as eat our Christmas cookies.


I love having help in the kitchen. The kids love decorating them. One day I will have beautiful Christmas cookies but for now, we have beautiful kid decorated cookies!




We try to get to every function, this was last year at Maddi’s game day. Guy also had a Polar Express party. As a working mom, I try really hard to be able to go to these, sometimes I miss out but I try hard to soak up everything.


Maddi’s game was like the game of Life.

Christmas Light Walk

One night during December, we bundle up in our warmest clothes, grab a cup of hot chocolate and walk around our town looking at the lights. It is so fun to see them up close.

This house always out-does themselves.

Christmas Movies

Favorite Christmas Movies…we love Christmas movies around here and love watching one a night this time of year.

Home Alone 1 & 2 are Maddi and Guy’s favorites.


Christmas Parades

We love them. We go to the two in our town and we try to get in as many twinkling lights and floats (and candy) as we can.


Our lighted Christmas parade is right after the school’s Christmas Concert.


Christmas Concerts

Christmas Concerts are always so fun. The kids are dressed in their best and looking sharp while singing carols.


Guy and Maddi before their concert last year.



George has been around for 6 years and we love him. You can get Elf Ideas here.


George doing a little zip lining.

Decking our halls

I may be OCD but I let the kids decorate the tree by themselves. And as you can see, they put five ornaments on one branch and the back is bald, but I don’t care. They love it and look forward to it each year. You can see our Christmas Home Tour here.

The more the merrier.

Lighted Park

We have a park in town that volunteers cover with lights. It is so fun to walk through a couple times each year.

The kids love it.


Some of these trees are synchronized to music.

SANTA! We know him!

When my kids were little (last year was the first year he did not come), Santa would make a surprise visit.


The last year he stopped in.

Seasonal treats

I love coffee and I love all the fun coffee creamers out this time of year. Seasonal things make me happy.

Coffee makes everything better.

Gingerbread House

Another thing that I let my kids have complete control over is the Gingerbread House. They love it and it always turns out really cute with big globs of icing.

Nailed it!

Family time

We are always playing games or working puzzles this time of year.

My sister, me and my mom.

Christmas Eve

My parents make a big dinner and my uncles and grandparents are there as well.


Me with my grandparents.

Christmas Day

Each year I get each kid a new game and after all the presents are opened and breakfast has been eaten we play a game before going out for the day. This is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Last year they got retro Guess Who?

Those are just a few of my favorite ways to spend the Christmas season. It is such a busy time, but we try to embrace the joy. The most memorable traditions for my kids are just spending time together, staying in and watching a movie, driving around and looking at lights with hot cocoa and the simple things. When they grow up, I want them to look back on this time of year with fond memories.

What are your favorite traditions? I would love to know!



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