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10 on the 10th: Top 10 Pictures of 2017


Happy 10 on the 10th…or 12th. Today I am linking up with Erin for her fun link-up she has been hosting all year. This is the last 10 on the 10th of the year, and what a fun link-up this has been. You can see all my 10 on the 10th’s at the bottom of the post. Now onto my 10 favorite pictures from 2017 (I have been so excited for this post since the link-up started).


Last winter we had SO MUCH snow and it finally stopped snowing in March. I love this picture because it reminds me of how snowy it was and how pretty the snow was.



Last spring Maddi was in a play (from a traveling theatre compay) and she played an Ogre.



This picture sums up our spring. Guy played soccer and baseball and Maddi played soccer. We were busy and several times Guy had to show up to his Saturday morning baseball practice wearing shin guards for his soccer game that was immediately after practice.



Because this picture sums up my son!



And this picture sums up my daughter! She loves playing school everyday.



When we went to Silverwood Maddi was NOT excited about the rollercoasters but the rest of us were so she had to go on them. She was less than thrilled and this picture was not staged!



I loved this day and meeting Rick Rizz (the voice of the Mariners) and watching the game from the suite. And also, the highlight, holding the big cardboard check (because I have always wanted to do that) and I felt like Happy Gilmore! img_6971


This was a picture on my favorite day of the year. Brandon, the kids and I went to Portland and had so much fun taking in all the unscheduled stops and doing everything we wanted to do. It was the best day.



Because I love Tara and how much fun we have teaching all our little learners.



This is hands down my favorite picture for the year. I happened to snap this picture with my phone, but it sums up a lot of heart, friendship, courage and strength.


I am so excited to see everyone’s pictures from the year. Thank you for hosting this link-up Erin and I cannot wait to link-up again next year my friend!


8 thoughts on “10 on the 10th: Top 10 Pictures of 2017

  1. Love each one of these! Isn’t it crazy all that is done in one year’s time, it was so much fun to look back. Now what to do next year…hmmm! xoxo ERIN

    1. Erin, I have loved this link up. I cannot wait to participate next year as well. It was so much fun to look back on the year this way. I hope this prompt stays the same 🙂 I hope you had a great weekend and I love keeping up with your delivery stories! 🙂

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