Monthly Goals

December Goals

Today, instead of recapping our weekend I thought I would share my goals for December. I like having goals of things to accomplish this month even though it is crazy busy. It helps keep me focused and productive.

I am linking up with my girls, Johannah and Heather.

hellomondayHere we go with December Goals….

  • Workout 4 times/week…I have been S-L-A-C-K-I-N-G in the workout department. My alarm is set for 4 AM and I am ready!
  • Get 2018 planner purchased and set up. I think I am going to switch from an Erin Condren to a Happy Planner.
  • Try a new recipe each week. This week we are having Spaghetti Carbonara.
  • Organize hall closet…oh my gosh, I hate to admit this but I’m afraid if I open it things are going to fall on my head. It needs cleaned out and this will be perfect for a project over Christmas break.
  • White wash a wall…we have an ugly wood wall in our living room and over Christmas break I want to white wash it.
  • Plan New Years Eve…we usually don’t do anything other than stay home, order Chinese food and watch the NYC ball drop and go to bed at 9. Maybe this year we will change it up.
  • Paint a table…I have a sofa table that was given to us when we were married. I am wanting to pain this piece as well.

I am excited for all the painting projects for this month. What are your goals for December? Happy Monday!


14 thoughts on “December Goals

    1. Thank you Lizzie! I hope we find some keepers! I love trying new recipes and getting out of a rut. I hope you have a great week ahead!


  1. I love these goals and can’t wait to see the afters πŸ™‚ Goals keep me on track and I have been so bad at them I need to start them up again in the new year πŸ™‚ xoxo ERIN

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    1. Thank you Erin! I am right there with you, goals keep me on track. Without them I seem to just drift aimlessly. Hahaha! Have a great week my friend!


    1. They are so early Beth, but I do feel so much better. I also like going to work knowing my workout is in already πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for stopping by!


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