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Want, Wear, Need, Read…

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking with Andrea for her fun link-up, Show and Tell Tuesday.


Today we are sharing what we would like to find under our Christmas tree’s in four different categories, Want, Wear, Need, and Read…I love this and love getting ideas for other people who I am shopping for. Today it is all about what Mama wants!


I have wanted a white Dutch Oven for a while now…

You can find it here. It is also $50.

Another want of mine is Marc Jacobs Daisy



A pair of Sam Edelman ‘Penny Boots’.

Image result for Sam Edelman Penny Boots

Tory Burch sandals for this spring and summer…

Image result for Tory Burch sandals


The SlingShot Hip Circle is a great work out band that helps build a booty!

And every lady NEEDS a Leopard Foldover Clutch


We got Maddi the Harry Potter Series and I cannot wait to re-read these along with her.

I would also like to read A Simplified Life

I have also been dying to get my hands on Sisters First

I am so excited to see everyone’s lists today. Thank you for reading!


22 thoughts on “Want, Wear, Need, Read…

  1. We are reading Harry Potter right now too, we are almost done with book 2 and it’s amazing how much I forgot!!! I also want to read those other 2 books on your list. I should add them to my library cue! I also love that leopard clutch! I added it to my wishlist too! xoxo ERIN

    1. I cannot wait to read them! Your comment just made me so excited. I cannot wait to start reading them together. I also want to watch the movies with the kids as well. Have you been doing that as you finished the first book?

  2. You will love the Sam Edelman boots!! I’ve had mine for four years and they still look great and I wear them all the time! In the fall and winter, of course!

  3. Yay for the Harry Potter books. I re-read the first one in the illustrated edition last year so I need to move on to the second and third (I have the illustrated ones for those too – they are beautiful!). My mom really loves Marc Jacobs Daisy too!


    1. I love the Harry Potter series and remember reading them all when I was in High School. I cannot wait to share them with Maddi and Guy and watch all the movies. I need to check out the illustrated ones, I have seen them at Costco. Happy Tuesday!

  4. What a fun link up! So bummed I missed out on it! We need to get the entire Harry Potter collection for Brayden! And all of your wants, yep, I’d take one of each too 🙂

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