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Weekend Recap…Spooky Forest Edition

Happy Monday! Today I am linking with my girls, Johannah and Heather.


Friday was an early release day for us. I had worked hard on my grade all week long at night so I could leave early on Friday. It was much needed. The kids and I left school and I went for a quick run. I broke my headphones last week so I ordered up some new skullcandy and I am in love.

After my run and workout I cleaned and I mean cleaned. I loved every second of it. Cleaning is one of my favorite things to do to de-stress and it felt so good. Later that night we had pancakes and carved pumpkins.

The kids drew the faces they wanted and I carved them out.

Saturday morning started bright and early for Guy’s last football game of the season. This was the hardest team we have played all season and they were up at one point, then we kept tieing and Guy’s team ended up winning on the last play of the game. It was so much fun to watch these boys. They played their hearts out and always cheered for each other like they were the ones making the play, the best of friends.

After the game we had pizza in the park.

And then we left for my parent’s cabin. The weather was perfect.

When it got dark we went to a Spooky Gazeboo where they had a touching station set up and then we went on a tour of the haunted forest.

All 16 of us! They also made fresh pressed cider (what is in the red solo cups…LOL). Heading into the Haunted Forest I knew that my kids were either going to think it was funny or freak out and not make it. Within the first minute, both were crying. My parents sat out with them. I am grateful that they left because walking through it, they would have had nightmares for MONTHS.

Coffee, cold and pine treess, no better view to start a Sunday morning.

We left the cabin around 10 (it was too quick of a trip) but then we came home and worked on Maddi’s 4-H project…coming soon.

We ended Sunday watching the World Series, what a great game. It was a fun and full weekend. Full of Halloween, football, family, and fun. Just as football is wrapping up, today Maddi starts her basketball season. We are also super excited for Halloween. I hope you have a great Monday! Thank you for reading today!


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  1. Love the idea of a weekend getaway in a cabin with the family! Looks like an awesome time. We’re really looking forward to Halloween too. Hope you have a great one!

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