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10:9th and 10th plus a day in the Life….

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If you like random, random is what you are about to get. This week has been a little (and by little I mean A LOT) wonky. I tried to do a day in the life post on Monday, but I kind of cut it short because life happened and then on the 10th I had a training out of town which had me gone for over 12 hours…so life happened and the blog didnt and that is alright. Here is a random look at a day in the life but also 10 pictures….

Monday started 4:30…I finally decided to open my eyes at this time.

I like to wash my face, start my coffee, and then I checked on my blog post.


The teachers all had crazy hair that day since the students reached their goal…this was my hair for the day. Also, the most embarassing thing happened, after school I went outside to speak with parents at dismissal and forgot my hair looked like this…not a single one of the parents said anything but I was getting WEIRD looks…they had no idea it was crazy hair day.

Also Monday morning I had to make bacon wrapped little smokies for a luncheon that day.

I always get a load of laundry started each morning.

My kiddos have really been enjoying these Halloween cereals…also this picture makes me laugh…my kiddos discovered coozies and have been fighting over that retro Maui one at dinner.

My breakfast this fall has been pumpkin spice yogurt and walnuts.

At school we have been doing “ABC Bootcamp” and have been focusing on a letter each day, this day was “Xx” day.

We have also been learning about greater than and less than.

I love sipping a coffee and prepping in the afternoons.

When I got home from school I went for a 3 mile walk, I am loving these temps and the changing leaves. We have a lot of red in our trees.

That night Maddi and Guy wrote thank you cards to people who donated $$$ to our Fund Run.

I also made Cajun Chicken Pasta from the Pioneer Woman’s Dinnertime cookbook. My sister came in to spend the night with us so she could take the kiddos to school the next day. She ate dinner with us and it was such a fun night.

The next morning we loaded up at 6 AM and hit the road for a training.

So much good stuff! I love Early Childhood Education and so glad that I have an opprotunity to be more of a leader and advocate for ECE.

We didn’t get back until after 6:30 that night so I really dropped the ball on my 10:10 post and my day in the life post. Life happens. I hope that you have had a great week so far. I will see you here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!



14 thoughts on “10:9th and 10th plus a day in the Life….

    1. I love ECE 🙂 I cannot imagine teaching anything else. The crazy hair was so fun, and it was really funny not remembering I had it and trying to have serious conversations. Hahaha! Have a great day Jessica!

  1. You did great on your hair! Love it. Full day if you ask me. I love that there is a quote on your phone lock screen. Does it change? or is that just what you have? How cool would it be to have an app that changes that screen each day.

    1. I have to change the lock screen quote, but I use the She Reads Truth app. They have some great lock screens and back grounds. That would be SUPER cool to have a new lock screen each day! That needs to be an app!

  2. The crazy hair day picture is awesome! And I’m envisioning the whole talk to the parents episode and that is too funny! Those bacon wrapped little smokies look scrumptious!! Hope your last half of the week has been a little less wonky!

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