Fall La La La…

Oh how I love fall. I am such a basic, 30 something year old mama who loves fall and I am proud to say it. I love the month of October, we have so many fun things to look forward too as well as try some new things out this year (I am looking at you Haunted House). Not only do I love celebrating this season, I love getting new ideas for my family and finding new traditions. I thought I would share with our favorite fall traditions, but I would LOVE to hear your traditions so please leave a comment at the end to tell me your favorite way to celebrate fall.


Nothing beats going to a small town football game on a chilly Friday night.



We try to catch as many football games as we can in the fall.

Pumpkin Path

Taking a trip to the pumpkin patch on a Saturday or Sunday is also a favorite tradition of ours. Pumpkin donuts, fresh squeezed cider, huge pumpkins, it doesn’t get any better.


carving pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is one of the best things. We let the kids design their faces and then we carve. They also like to do a little cutting. We also roast the pumpkin seeds to snack on. Last year Guy picked over a 100+ pound pumpkin!


Pumpkin Palooza

Each year we go to our downtown’s Pumpkin Palooza and then a Trunk-or-Treat. We get to wear our costumes, play games, get lots of candy, play in a bounce house, do cake walks, it is so much fun and something we look forward to every year.



My kids get to pick out their costumes each year. Between Pumpkin Palooza, Trunk or Treats and trick-or-treating we get a lot of use out of them. We also do not do theme costumes, they pick what they want and we roll with it.


What is your favorite October tradition? How is your favorite way to welcome in fall?


20 thoughts on “Fall La La La…

  1. Yes to all of these! Fall is the best time of the year…besides maybe the Christmas season. This post makes me want to go buy a PSL, wear UGGs, and roll in the leaves! Thanks friend!

  2. 100 pound pumpkin?!? Crazy! I also just let me kids pick their own costumes…it’s great to see an expression of their personalities.

  3. As you know, I share your love for Fall and shall sing along with you! LOVE your sweet traditions and that your town has a “Pumpkin Palooza!” Man, that was a BIG pumpkin, I love it! Guess what? I’m drinking Apple Cider as we speak, I brought it to work! Lol.

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