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What I’m Reading September 2017…Magazine Edition


Hello, my name is Jenna and I LOVE a fall magazine. I am a complete sucker for covers with pumpkings or apples. I get sucked into home magazines with tips to make your home cozy during the colder months. Have a good soup recipe? I will buy it! Yes, magazines are my jam this time of year.

Magazines are great for so many reasons. I have found that the more I subscribe to, the cheaper they become. I get emails all the time with deals for $0.85 an issue. I subscribe to five different magazines (Better Homes and Gardens, The Magnolia Journal, Family Circle, Women’s Health, and Woman’s Day). I also pick up several at the grocery store like Redbook, HGTV, Martha Stewart Living, Cosmo, Glamour, and more.

I usually carry a magazine with me in my purse or car. I can read them while sitting at a practice or out on an errand. I also have them throughout my house so I can pick them up and read. I do have one rule with magazines, I read them before the new one comes or I just get rid of it. I like using them in my classroom for different things, or giving them to other teachers. Or simply just recycling them.

So here are my favorite three magazines from this month…I read each of these cover to cover…

I loved this little mini pie idea from Woman’s Day. My kids would love these and would love to help make them even more.

Chip and JoJo are my favorite. I love the Magnolia Journal and actually find myself turning to this magazine time and time again after I have read it. It is a great little resource full of wonderful ideas.

I love the simple pictures in this magazine.

Do you subscribe to magazines? Which magazine is your favorite? Are you a sucker for the fall and holiday magazines?

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18 thoughts on “What I’m Reading September 2017…Magazine Edition

    1. Mine too Heather. I look forward to them each month (well Magnolia every three months…which is always a great surprise!).


    1. I want to get my hands on that so bad! I am keeping my eyes out. I am hoping that Santa might bring me a subscription to it 🙂


    1. I LOVE Southern Living even though I live in the PNW. 🙂 It is a go-to for me as well. I love their home design articles, gardening and their food. It is a favorite!


  1. I am also a magazine junkie. I have gotten lots of free and deal subscriptions through sites like Money Saving Mom. Right now, I’m receiving Martha Stewart, Family Circle, BHG, Taste of Home, and Magnolia Home. Magazines are a great little escape for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good tip to check those sites for magazine subscriptions! I love Taste of Home and pick up them almost every time they come out with a new one. I love magazines too!


    1. I love magazines too! I always LOVE finding new ones to read to. I am hoping over to read yours! Thank you for the suggestions!


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