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Show and Tell Tuesday…Reverse Bucket List


Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. Today is all about our reverse bucket list. I should start out saying that my bucket list is not that exciting and so this list is probably not going to be all that exciting either, just little achievements that I never thought I would do. Here is  10 Things I have Always Wanted to Do…

Like I said, nothing is earth breaking and most items on my original bucket list involve traveling or running. You will notice some repeats here. Being a wife and mom was always at the top of my bucket list, I left these things out of this recap. Let’s get started.

–Run a Race–

Running is not something I ever thought I would do, so to actually run a complete 5K race and finish without walking was pretty much at the top of my bucket list. To not finish last or dead, I felt like a million bucks and will never forget that moment.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup

–Graduate with a Masters Degree–

Last year at this time I was finishing up graduate school. That was such a big pipe dream for me. I always had wanted to do it but never in a million years actually thought I would do it. Especially having two young kids and a full time job. This was a bucket list item that I was happy to cross off (because it was not fun) but so glad that I did it.



Traveling abroad, traveling by plane, traveling by car, and even having staycations and learning about our town. We love to travel and although I have a list of places that I would love to go, I also love the places that I have been.



Sunriver Oregon


Our Caribbean Cruise


–Painting a Mason Jar–

Since my last bucket list, I have painted a mason jar and it was easy. I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner.


…Now if only I had a silhouette or a sewing machine, I might be able to cross some more things off my list.




22 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday…Reverse Bucket List

    1. I don’t have any posts on life during that season. But I can tell you, I leaned on my family and supports a lot during that time. I tried to get my homework done at night (when the kids were in bed) and work a week or two ahead. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but very much worth it now that it is done.


    1. We love traveling with the kids. And if for some reason we don’t take them, we always wish we would because they make it so much fun!


  1. Nothing better than crossing things off of your bucket. My top activity on my bucket list is to travel cross country by car or train. I have visited so many other countries but I have not really explored mine, outside of the East coast.

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    1. Traveling is the best and it really makes you appreciate home. I have never been to the East Coast but hope to make it over there at some point!


    1. Cross Country is such a popular sport in our MS and HS. I hope my kids participate. I think my daughter is going to want to do it. I have loved reading the responses too!


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