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Friday Favorites {9/15/17}


Happy Friday! Today I am linking up with Narci, Andrea and Erika . This week has flown by. Holy cow, I even missed a day in this little space yesterday. I didn’t plan to not post yesterday, but The Office and a cozy blanket, and my couch were calling my name so I took the day off.

I feel like we are on the cusp of fall. It was in the 90’s on Monday and Tuesday, the 80’s on Wednesday and now the 70’s and next week it is in the 60’s all week long with rain and cold nights. I think my garden will be done this next week but it was a great run. We are ready for fall weather. Now, on to my favorites…

Brandon is always a FAVORITE, but so are the Mariners and going to a game last Sunday was a FAVORITE. A little weekend away is always good. Thanks to my mom and dad for holding down the fort and hauling the kids to all of their events last weekend!

Honey Crisp apples are in! We got these right off the tree. These are my FAVORITE in the fall, they are so yummy with just a little extra sharp white cheddar.

We do ABC Bootcamp in my classroom and the kids love it. Each day we do a circle map of a letter and the kids tell me things that start with the letter. On Wednesday we covered the letter “Gg” and I had to draw a gorilla. This might have been my FAVORITE funny from the week…I mean that gorilla is absolutely horrible and kindergarten students are HONEST! HAHAHA!

These earrings from WalMart for $4 are a FAVORITE.  I love the pale pink. They have TONS of earrings to choose from.

Dinnertime is our FAVORITE time. We eat dinner together each night and I love it. We talk about our days, our upcoming stuff, everything. I seriously love the down time. I also love how silly and nerdy my family is.

Tuesday night while Guy and Brandon were at football, I whipped up a batch of old timey homemade applesauce bread. This stuff is SO good and low on sugar. This came from a handwritten recipe from my grandma which makes it even better!

This weekend looks to be low-key and not much on the agenda. Guy has his first football game and I am excited to see what he does. I hope you have a great weekend!


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {9/15/17}

  1. YUM!! That applesauce bead looks so good! You know I LOVE me some honey crisp!! I’m having one today in fact! Wishing you a sweet and safe Fall weekend pretty mama!

  2. Oh that Gorilla left me laughing. That must’ve been SO hard though. Mine would have looked worse! Love the earrings and I love that fall is finally headed someones way.

    1. That gorilla was so funny and what is even funnier is when we are reviewing our letters and we finished with “Ff” and as I was flipping the chart one little boy rubbed his hands together and squealed “HERE COMES THE GORILLA!” so they even laugh about it! Hahahaha!

  3. Mmmmm I’m so excited for apples!! We are planning to go apple-picking again this year and I’m thrilled! Last year we went at the tail end so there wasn’t much left, but this year we are hoping to go about a week earlier than we did last year so hopefully we can get some good ones!

  4. Yay! For a fun day at the ballpark! But that bread…sounds amazing! I love your gorilla, especially they way your students reacted! Such honesty! 🙂

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