10 on the 10th

10:10 September 2017

This 10 on the 10th has been one of the most special days of my career or even life. Don’t get me wrong, my wedding day, each of my kid’s Birthdays, the day I got hired for my dream job (my current job) and then this day…The day I was able to go to a Seattle Mariner’s game as one of 24 Seattle Mariner and ESPN Radio’s Teacher of the Week.
As a huge Mariner fan, I was completely overwhelmed. I have went to Mariner games every summer since I was a young kid, in the Kingdome, in SafeCo, and now in a SafeCo Suite. This was a day that I will NEVER forget. It was so humbling, but also so much fun and special.

When in Seattle…you start your day with Starbucks. And I love these sleeves!

We had to get to the game a little early so we walked around the stadium and also did a little shopping.

Up to the suites we go. As a huge Mariner fan, I LOVED all of the history in this area. Pictures of all of my favorite players, history on the team, memorabilia, I loved this part.

We were in a suite that was inside or outside so we grabbed seats outside, but the best news is, we could watch the Seahawks game too.

Our view.

Rick Rizz has been the voice of the Mariners since forever. We got to meet him and hear him speak. It was such a surreal moment.

Ok, I loved the big check. I felt like Happy Gilmore. I thought about shoving it in my purse and walking out with it. Hahahaha! I have never got to hold one, but my dreams were made!

The Mariners and Seahawks both lost so we drowned our sorrows in beer.

And ate some great food.

And picked up dessert from The Cheesecake Factory. Their carrot cake cheesecake is to die for.

I finished the day by watching Miss America in a big comfy bed and eating cheesecake. It was such a great day. I hope you had a great 10th!



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24 thoughts on “10:10 September 2017

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I saw the posts on Facebook and I was beaming for you friend. So well deserved. I TOTALLY forgot about 10 on 10 this month #fail. What a fun way to document.

  2. This is amazing! Congratulations. A big check + baseball sounds like my kind of dream come true! haha

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