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10 on the 10th…10 Things I Love About my Home


It’s one of my favorite link-ups hosted by one of my favorite persons-Erin from Perfectly Port!  The 10 on the 10th. This month we are talking about 10 things we love about our home. Home is where my heart is. I am a homebody and would rather stay at home watching something on Netflix with a yummy homemade meal than going out for date night. I want my kids to remember a cozy home that all of their friends could come over and run around in. When I look around my home, so often I think of things I would like to change. Our to-do list is never ending. However, when I take a step back, there are so many wonderful things that I love about my home. Here are ten things that I love most about my home.


What I love most about my home is who I share it with free printable lds

This sign sums it up best. What I love most about my home is whom I share it with.



How it smells. I love lighting candles and letting them burn throughout the afternoon when we get home from school. My favorite candles are BBW pumpkin candles, followed closely by the Christmas candles. The other times of year I love a blueberry Yankee Candle burning.


All of the memories we have had here, Christmas mornings, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, baby showers, slumber parties. I also love that we are able to host these events at our house.



The kitchen table. So much happens around our table, dinner each night, prayers, family talks, crafts, science experiments, meals, so much. Life revolves around that table, and my grandparents (who have both passed away) gave Brandon and I the table as a wedding gift. The top might be scratched, and dinged and dented, but it is loved. It might be the heart of our home.


Our yard is a great size to for the kids to play in. We love playing outside.


I love our garden and flowers.




This might not have anything to do with our home, but I love that our home is in an area that has all four seasons. I love going from a nice hot summer to a crisp cool fall, getting to experience lots of snow, and then also welcoming in spring and newness with open arms. I love being able to open windows during the year, but I love being comfy and cozy and warm in the winter, as well as nice and cool in the summer.


We all love how cozy our house is during the cold months. We love lots of blankets, and hot drinks. One of my favorite spots is curled up in a blanket, sipping coffee and looking out our big windows.



I love having a guest room. Having room to host people is special to me. I love being able to welcome people into our home and I love that we have a guest room for them to stay in.



My home might not have expensive decorations or pieces of art, but my home is decorated with things that we love and mean a lot to us. I love refinishing furniture and building, I love painting, and taking things apart to put it back together different. I love finding “junk” from people I love and displaying it in our home. That is what you will find when you come over.

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30 thoughts on “10 on the 10th…10 Things I Love About my Home

  1. Love this Jenna!! I love being home too, and our house is nothing to write home about but I love it so much! I’m all about creating a cozy space too, and our yard is also huge which is great for the kids!

  2. Having a guest room is such a sweet bonus. These house posts are making me a bit sentimental today about the home that is not longer ours. But we do have so much to look forward too. And the memories here won’t be forgotten.

  3. Love!!! That first point is spot-on, and I’ve told you becore how much I love your decorating style. Your house looks so comfortable & inviting, and if you are using those BBW candles, then it smells comfortable and inviting too! Happy Monday, blogging friend!!

    1. Thank you so much! It was a china hutch given to us by Brandon’s aunt. I popped the glass out of the doors and replaced it with chicken wire and painted it teal. It has been one of my favorite projects!

  4. Your garden beds look great! I love that you guys have a guest room! Someday I’ll have one, but that will be when Gracie moves out. I don’t think I’ll enjoy that trade off. 🙁

  5. I am right there with you, nothing beats a great night at home with family! We also enjoy having all four seasons, and the coziness of our home during the winter. You have a talent for decorating and refinishing furniture!

    1. Thank you so much Jen. I love the four seasons too. We were in Seattle this weekend and all the trees are starting to change color on the pass and I loved it. We also have day time temps coming to us in the 60’s soon. I can’t wait! How are you guys doing in Montana? I have been thinking of you!

  6. Love everything about this post – you nailed it! I love all those things. I know why we get each other – pumpkin candles closely followed by Christmas candles – yes yes yes!!! I love all those personal touches in a home too, they make it uniquely ours! I love when you share about them in your posts. 🙂 I also do love 4 seasons as well even if winter gets long ;). xoxo ERIN

    1. Thank you so much Erin! I look forward to this link up every month. Thank you for being such a great host. I try to remind myself of the four seasons when winter gets long and dreary. Because spring always comes! 🙂

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