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September Goals!

Happy last day of August! I have to admit, I am happy that August is over and I am welcoming September with open arms. School, football, chillier evenings and mornings and afternoons that we can spend outside because it’s not as hot, apples (hello wonderful Washington with your honey crisp apples), routine, and all the excitement that the beginning of fall brings.

Here are my goals from August and a little recap…


  • Paint trim/wood wall… Nope, August came and went and I didn’t get around to the one project I wanted to get accomplished all summer.
  • Go through kids clothes…We got this done and it was so nice. We donated so many clothes, but it also made me realize that my kids didn’t need that many things for back to school which was nice.


  • Organize/clean/buy new containers and a lunchbox…. Done and done. I got my first ever adult lunch box! I also organized all tupperware and added some different sized containers to the mix.
  • Clean fridge…At the beginning of the month the kids and I were gone so much that when we got home from our road trips our fridge was pretty much empty so I was able to clean it really well and stock it back with food.



  • Start planning our fall…We have some fun things planned for fall including flag football, a trip to a fun pumpkin patch/orchard, going to a fair, and so much more. We have a lot of fun things on our calendar.

Now on to September…

  • Walk to school 2 times per week. I am not sure if we will be able to do this at the beginning of the month (hello 100+ temps) but hopefully soon we will be able to walk to school. It is always so much fun and plus, my kids really open up about their days on the walk home.
  • No repeat dinners (minus pizza Friday)-Pizza Friday stays, but I hope that I can keep out of a dinner rut by not repeating a single dinner this month.
  • Leave work with an empty desk. My plan is to leave my desk looking like the next picture each and every day. Most days, my desk looks like a war zone so I hope that I can keep up with filing paperwork, getting projects done, and having a clearer space.


  • Post a new recipe each week. I kind of accidentally took a summer break from my meal planning posts, but also my recipe posts. I have gotten back into the swing of things, but love sharing my meal ideas with you all. I have some ideas of fun new recipes to try for this fall and cannot wait to share with you! This Saturday’s recipe is now a family favorite!
  • Stick to my grocery budget. Seriously, is it just me or have groceries gone UP? Like way up in price? Meal planning helps with this, but also, so does not eating out and packing lunches. I need to focus on budget friendly meals.
  • Decorate home for fall…have the kids help. I love decorating for fall, but I also found a fun painting project for the kids that I know they will love. I would love to have them paint a canvas. I love getting my home fall ready and cozy!


What goals do you have for September? I hope you guys have a great September and enjoy your last day of August!


25 thoughts on “September Goals!

  1. I shop exclusively at Aldi for 95% of my groceries and spend a whopping $83 a week now on groceries – I am not complaining! No fitness goals?!?!?! We can walk to school too but since the rains are here we’re having to drive – boo! I hope your day/month is awesome! xo

    1. You know I have a fitness goal or two…I have really not let school starting stop me on getting at least five workouts in a week. And NO snacking! I have an afternoon snack and that is it. I wish we had an Aldi. I hear really good things about them!

  2. Great September goals!! I love the walk to school part. Emma is changing schools this year, hello Middle School, and she is close enough that she can walk with friends.
    I also have to leave work with an empty desk. I cannot stand to leave it cluttered for the next working day!!
    Have a great Thursday!!!

    1. That is great that Emma can walk with friends to school. I am the same way with my desk, but last year I had a bunch of curriculum books on it and it was so messy. It drove me insane so this year my goal is a clean desk!

  3. Great goals! We love that we live close enough to walk to school too! I always love an organized, clear workspace and decorating for fall is on my radar too!

    1. I cannot wait to decorate! It is too hot here to get into the spirit, but I see that coming to an end towards the end of the month…fingers crossed! Walking to school is such a great way to start and end the school day!

  4. Oh the grocery budget is KILLING me too friend. I can’t even believe how much I can so easily spend. I THINK I am a hair under budget for this month and it feels like a miracle. Lucky you that the kids didn’t need much this year. Emily always has LOADS of clothes but Marissa, no such luck there. That kid has grown.

    1. Guy is going to need jeans badly, but we won’t need them for a couple of weeks, and I think he needs another pair of tennis shoes. Isn’t it funny how all of a sudden they just grow like crazy!?!?!

  5. Love these goals! Amen to the end of day desk! I think with having little kids who can get sick at a moment’s notice, it’s important to have the classroom ready to go in case we don’t make it in the next day.

    1. I feel you! I decluttered for about two months and it felt SO good! I made a list of all of the places that needed it and then would tackle one place a day. It was so nice. I can’t wait to decorate for fall either 🙂

  6. Connor and I are going to decorate next week for Fall while James is out of town. I am so excited but poor Connor keep asking if that means his birthday is soon. His birthday is 10/30 so he still has a while.

  7. I decorated for fall two weeks ago, I LOVE FALL!!! I really need to create a good menu for meals because I am always planning meals at the last minute. A grocery budget is one thing that I am really bad at hopefully, this is something I can improve on this fall.

    1. I love fall too! I love that you are ready to go!!! I am horrible at my grocery budget and last month I blew it big time. And we don’t eat out much, and our meals are not elaborate so I am not sure what happened! Ha!

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