Show and Tell Tuesday

My Perfect Day


Hello! Today I am linking with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday link-up. Today we are sharing what our perfect day would look like.

First of all, my perfect day would be a Saturday which would include no errands because it would be summer. My perfect day would include waking up at 7:30 and sipping a cup of coffee while watering my garden.


The, I would come inside for my second cup of coffee and this yummy breakfast…


We would hang around the house as a family and play some board games together.


We would have one of our favorite kinds of lunch!


Next, we would go spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach with ALL of our family (Aunts/Uncles/Grandpas/Grandmas)


After the beach, we would come home, shower and clean up and then grill pizza and have our friends/cousins over to play cards and eat a yummy dessert.


Just a great day with family and friends, nothing fancy, but simple and fun. That would be my perfect day. What would your perfect day look like?


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