Meal Planning Sunday

Meal Planning Sunday #30

Meal Planning

And just like that, summer is over and we are getting ready to head back to school on Tuesday. I have been back to my work routine for the past week, but this week the kids head back. In honor of them, I will be cooking up some of their favorite meals.


Beer can chicken. We were talking about this at work this past week and I need it in my life. I am also going to grill some corn on the cob and dice up a big watermelon.


Tortellini and garlic bread. If you can, you should really try to get the fresh tortellini from Costco (in the refrigerated section). For $6 you get two big tubs (enough for two meals) and it is SOOO yummy. I needed something quick for the night of Open House and this meal is not only a favorite, but it is quick and yummy. A crowd pleaser. Plus, I like adding the left-overs to my kids lunches.


Kielbasa with Au Gratin potatoes. I love smoking the kielbasa (for about 30 minutes)  and then grilling them until done. And I am using the Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potato’s from the box…we are fancy. Also, a big side cabbage salad is the perfect side, we add a little BBQ sauce to ranch dressing and it is amazing.


Sloppy Joes with homemade fries. I will have to share this recipe with you, my kids LOVE it and and I sneak in A LOT of veggies and neither my husband or kiddos know…so please do not tell them! 🙂


Homemade Lo Mein and General Tsao’s Chicken with homemade fried rice. I like copy-cat recipes that I can quickly made at home.


OUT! The first Friday of the school year we always take the kids out to dinner. This is our favorite back to school tradition. We go to a “fancy” (their words-not mine) place, this gives us something to look forward to all week long and Mama doesn’t have to cook. Win-win!


Saturday we are going to be watching football and eating all the yummy foods. I think we will do a big appetizer lunch/dinner. It seems like a good way to kick off Labor Day weekend.


Banana Nut Muffins


What is on your meal plans for the week? Also, what is your go-to quick snack for after school? What do your kids love an cannot live without? Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Meal Planning Sunday #30

    1. Thank you Beth! We actually already had a change of plans and are eating nachos for dinner tonight instead 🙂 Lol!


    1. I love chicken grilled that way! I will have to post the copy cat recipes, it is always so much cheaper thank going out!


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