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Home Sweet Classroom

I thought it might be fun to share a peek into my classroom. I spend a lot of time in my classroom and love this space. Welcome to my little piece of Kindergarten…


When I went in my room to set it up, this is how I started. It looks so empty!

And now I am getting so excited for my little student’s to come fill this space! I like to keep extra crayons (2 packs) in the skinny long containers, the round containers on the table are for table garbage cans (scraps of paper, wrappers, it is so handy to have these…and then each day a classroom job is to empty them), and then I have little caddy’s that hold extra pencils, scissors and glue.

This is our morning meeting spot where we do calendar, read stories, we do a lot of learning in this area.

This is where we display a lot of art work. I hung ribbon and then black clips to easily hang art projects. We also are big advocate for play at our school so we have a kitchen/home center as well.

I have our anchor chart spot ready and love these little lights!

This will be our word wall. Each week we learn 2-3 new sight words and then I have the kids hang them under the letter on the wall.

Just another view of the room. The blank spot of purple paper is where our Special Person of the Week will get to hang their posters and pictures.

It doesn’t show up in this picture well, but I use these drawers to store the following week’s lessons and copies. Each drawer is a day of the week.

And then each Friday I fill these buckets with the next week’s plans. This way I am all planned for the following week in case I need to call in sick. I also keep a sub folder in each one with specific details for each day of the week. This system works really well and I leave on Friday feeling really prepared for the upcoming week.

My goal is to leave my desk each afternoon looking like this. My planner and papers.

I also love this little area of my classroom. Parents have gifted me these pictures throughout the year and I love my scentsy. The bee is our classroom “mascot” who we call SuperBee. SuperBee goes home each night with a student who had Super Bee-havior and the kids get to fill out a journal page. It is a lot of fun to see what happens each day!

I hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by and checking out a space that I love so much! I am really excited for it to fill with my students next week.


30 thoughts on “Home Sweet Classroom

  1. I love how you have made your classroom so colorful! I honestly think the surroundings have a lot to do with the way a child learns. And plus stark boring classrooms are just lame! haha =)

    1. Thank you Johannah! I can’t wait to get their art hung up and all around! It always adds so much to the classroom. I am excited for this school year. I agree with you, stark rooms are not my jam! I need color šŸ™‚

  2. I had no doubt in my mind that your room would be the best! I absolutely adore your organization and eye for detail. The colored drawers are so cool! I hope you’re having a most fantastic week and you love your class!

  3. Your classroom looks amazing!! I know that when my little boy was telling me who he wanted for first grade, it was the classroom that drove his decision. Way to go! Your Kidnergarteners will have a fantastic year!

  4. This is so cute! Our kindergarten room has that same rug. Kindergarten must be so fun to teach. The kids are so cute! BTW, I tried to comment on some of your posts in the past but I couldn’t get my login to work. So I this time it does!

    1. Thank you so much! The bee is the best šŸ™‚ I hope she has a fabulous year in Kinder! I also hope she has a sweetheart of a teacher! Cheers to a great school year friend!

  5. Seriously love love love everything about this! Seriously we would have teaching together…darn it anyway! Ps praise the lord for play – I hope our school district swings back that way! It drives me bananas no one sings or plays – rant over šŸ˜‰

    1. I LOVE being able to have play as part of my curriculum. Our administrators are wonderful and completely support us with it. I love singing and cannot imagine a classroom without it. We sing about everything! šŸ™‚

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