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A Day at Silverwood

Last week my Katie and I took the kids (cousins) to Silverwood Theme Park for the day and it was SO much fun! We wanted one last trip before summer break ended and let me tell you, it was so much fun. The kids each earn free tickets to Silverwood for reading and it is such a sweet reward.

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We were all smiles when we got to the park.


We headed to everyone’s favorite ride first…the log ride (much like Splash Mountain).


After that, we headed to the BIG wooden roller coasters.


We were all feeling really brave…


And then we got off the rollercoaster and Maddi swore off all big rides for the rest of her life. However, she went on one more roller coaster… and as you can see, she was thrilled!


We needed to slow down a bit because those coasters are BIG so the kids went on the bumper cars.


And then we took turns driving the Krazy Kars.


And then we decided to go on the corkscrew, which goes upside down. Katie and I took turns taking the kids because Maddi had sworn off all roller coasters at this point.


Meanwhile Guy, Ryle, and Ryann were screaming that it was the best ride of the day! Ha! Those brave little souls and adrenaline junkies.

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After that we ate an early dinner on a train ride. The train ride lasts about 30 minutes, takes you around the entire park and there is also a train robbery where all the money collected goes to a local children’s charity.


After the train ride we went to the kiddie rides and rode the log ride one more time for good measure and ended the day with FIVE scoops of ice cream in each of their cones!


It was such a fun day. I love that these kids have grown up spending so much time together. Cousins are the best! Come back tomorrow when I will be sharing a peek inside my classroom! I hope you have a great day!


20 thoughts on “A Day at Silverwood

  1. Oh my goodness what a fun time! I cannot do coasters anymore but I think my kiddos would love them. Their dad could probably ride them with them! That’s a great way to close up the summer – and that ice cream!!! Whoa!

    1. I love the roller coasters but HATE the rides that just drop you straight down. No thanks! I will sit those out every. single. time. They loved that ice cream and it was good leverage for them to be done with the rides. Lol

  2. What a fun day and 5 scoops of ice cream, you got your money’s worth! How fun does the train sound? My kids love the log ride at theme parks! I am with Maddi the older I get the less I love roller coasters!

    1. The train ride was a lot of fun. The kids love riding that in the afternoon so they can sit down 🙂 They were troopers though, we walked a lot and they never complained. I don’t think we will ever get Maddi back on a roller coaster 🙂

    1. I know, I loved that they had those! They have one section that is a bunch of old school rides like that, my absolute FAVORITE ride of all time is the Tilt-a-Whirl and they even have that, and the umbrella ride. It was a great time!

  3. So fun!!! I am such a wimp when it comes to rides!! Thankfully the girls have Brian they can ride rides with, because this Momma always finds a bench and sits! haha =) I totally don’t mind it though. Glad you guys had a good time! And look at those ice creams!!! HUGE!!!

    1. The ice creams were HUGE! The kids loved them. It is always a fun treat. I love roller coasters but I hate the rides that drop you straight down. That is the worst feeling for me!

  4. You are so fun!!! I hope when my kids get older that I’ll be brave enough to go on the coasters at our local theme park. I use to LOVE them but as I get older, I get more and more scared! but, I will do some of the coasters at Disney. What an awesome day for the cousins!

    1. It scares me so much, but if my six year old can do it, I try to suck it up. Hahahaha! Forget the rides that drop me straight down…I am terrified of those rides! Thanks for stopping by!

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