Kids Summer Reading Club {Vanishing Acts}

Welcome to our fourth Kids Summer Reading Club. This month, the girls read Vanishing Acts.

Vanishing Acts (Maggie Brooklyn Mystery Book 2) by [Margolis, Leslie]

Vanishing Acts Reading Questions

What 3 mysteries does Maggie find herself trying to solve?

“Maggie is trying to find out what happened with Seth Ryan, balloon man, and who has been throwing eggs at people and dogs in the park.”

Who is the main character filming a movie in park slope?

“Seth Ryan…he is a movie star.”

Who has a crush on Maggie?

“Milo Sanchez does. I thought it would be Seth Ryan.”

What was thrown at the dogs?

“Eggs! Who would throw eggs at a dog?!?!”

What did Maggie try to become in this book but failed?

“She really wanted to be a movie extra…I think she wanted to be in the movie.”

Although our summer reading is done, I think the next series that Maddi wants to read is “Harry Potter”. What are your kiddos reading right now? If your kiddo read Vanishing Acts, click the pink button below and link-up!



Linking up with the ladies from Tuesday Talk as well…


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4 thoughts on “Kids Summer Reading Club {Vanishing Acts}

    1. It is my favorite book! I can’t wait to start school next week so I can read “Ramona the Pest”. That is also a favorite book of mine, especially in the fall with kindergarten. 🙂


    1. She really liked the book series. Thanks for thinking of the book club! It was so much fun and a great way to get in our summer reading!


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