Meal Planning Sunday

Meal Planning Sunday #29

Meal Planning

It’s back! Welcome to Meal Planning Sunday again on the blog. I took a little summer break from these posts because to be honest, we had our fair share of thrown together dinners, salads, and even some popcorn nights for dinner. I really did an informal meal plan this summer (I guess that is a new goal for next summer…). I would go into the week with a game plan and then just plan on our meals with what we had going on for the day or who was home for dinner. Now that I am heading back to work, my organization game is strong.

Here is my meal plan for this week…


BBQ’ed Hamburgers and homemade potato salad


Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and a side salad.


Taco Salad Tuesday. Lettuce, tomatoes, homemade salsa, sour cream, a little cheese, taco meat, black beans, tortilla chips, peppers, cucumbers. So good!


A.B.C.L.T. Sandwich



Pasta Primavera with all the veggies from our garden.


PIZZA NIGHT! Friday Night Pizza Night does not happen during the summers usually but I always bring it back during the school year.


Homemade salad bar.


Monster Cookies


What is on your meal plan for the week? During the summer do you meal plan? I hope you have a great week ahead!



12 thoughts on “Meal Planning Sunday #29

  1. Awesome! I think we’ll do burgers this week too. Those monster cookies – girl I remember that post and my mouth is watering!!! I’m going to make some caramel/chocolate Girl Scout cupcakes? I don’t know my kid picked it out. We’re also having chicken tacos. Then it is whatever Hello Fresh sends us! If you ever want to try it, let me know! xo

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  2. And now my stomach is growling and I am realizing that we are almost all out of food. Whomp, whomp. Looks like I need to meal plan too. Maybe I will just copy yours!

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    1. Just copy it! These are all fast and easy! πŸ™‚ I can never get over how empty our fridge gets each week…and how full it starts out…


    1. They are so good! I have to remind myself all the time that I will get one with my nightly tea…I don’t need ten! Hahahaha!


    1. Woooohooo for meal planning! Seriously, I feel like I have my stuff together because I am actually cooking this week and know what we are having for each night! Lol!


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