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My Guilty Pleasures…

Before we get started I have a fun announcement…

Tomorrow is Recipe Club day and I am helping co-host so gather your recipe and link up with one of us!

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking with Andrea for a little Show and Tell today. Today is all about our guilty pleasures…


Well all have them. Those things that make you a little happier than they should without much guilt involved. Here are some of mine…

TV and Movies…

  • Young and the Restless…When I was in college (during summer school) I had a break between classes so I would go home each day at 11 and have another class at 1. I got hooked on Young and the Restless (hello rabbit ears antenna). I watched it daily for years and now I only catch it a couple days in the summer or over Christmas and Spring Break but I can usually catch right back up. I can’t keep from watching it.

The Young and the Restless

  • Everyone Loves Raymond, Roseanne, Home Improvement, Fraiser, The Office, King of Queens, Friends…I always get sucked into sitcoms.
  • Hope Floats, Bridesmaids, Sweet Home Alabama, Old School, Fever Pitch, He’s Just not that Into You…these are movies I could watch time and time again.


  • Easy Cheese…I completely realize it is fake and chemical laden and unhealthy so judge away. I can’t stop. It is so good.  I have to have it once every two years on a Ritz cracker…or five.

Image result for Spray Cheese


  • Pumpkin Spice Latte’s…

Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe-- @Brittany Horton Horton Hutchinson



  • Magazines…I love reading magazines under a cozy blanket or sitting outside in the sun.


  • Bath and Body Works Candles…Their fall candles are my favorites but I am not picky and simply love all of their candles. This picture cracks me up…Brandon is lugging around 12 candles from the holiday sale…now that is love.


  • Sleeping with the windows open…I just love cool, fresh air.
  • Clean sheets and blankets.
  • Family game night or movie night…Any night I can spend with my little family.

What are your guilty pleasures?  I hope you have a great day!



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38 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasures…

  1. I can so relate to your Y&R memories! I watched the show all through college too, and still love to catch it now and then during the summer! Many of the same characters still going strong!

  2. I really miss sleeping with the windows open when we lived in England. It just doesn’t happen here in hot-n-humid Houston! Love your list of guilty pleasures. The ones that jumped out to me as some of my faves were magazines, BBW candles, and clean sheets! Have a terrific Tuesday!

    1. I love when we can sleep with the windows open or leave them open during the day. We have been able to start leaving them open at night lately because it has dipped into the 50’s. Clean sheets are the best!

  3. Bring on the PSL’s baby!! My moms BFF has watched every single episode of Y&R. She used to record them when she works, now if she’s gone, she sets her DVR. Crazy as that is like 40 years worth!!

  4. I love that the Young and the Restless is still on. I seriously remember my mom watching that show when I was like 5, HA! Clean sheets, yes! I would seriously change them every single day if that was acceptable :P.

  5. I love a good deal and sometimes that means I get something I don’t love but it’s such a good deal I can’t help it. I also love sleeping with the windows open. AND most importantly I have watched the Young and Restless for years. My grandma watched it, my mom watched it and I watch it occasionally too! I mean Victor has been around forever ;). xoxo ERIN

  6. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Roseanne. I hope the show comes back on this Fall and bombs. Barr is such an annoying human 🙁
    But on a more positive note, I, too, love BBW candles. You’ve got it down on how to buy in bulk though.

  7. I have so many memories of watching the Young and the Restless with my grandmother when I was growing up! Oh man did she ever love that show! Every now and then I catch it on TV and I cannot believe that a lot of the actors are still on! Crazy!
    I am so excited that you are co-hosting the Recipe Club with Heather and I! =)
    Have a great day!

  8. EZ Cheese is a good one haha! I don’t get it in the can but I always get my cheesesteaks “wit (cheese) Whiz”! I will only buy BBW candles, especially when they go on sale. And I love romantic comedies- I could watch all of those again and again! Great list!

    1. It was great to watch it daily! It I also easy to get caught back up which I am thankful for. I also think my husband learned to appreciate online shopping during that trip! Lol!

  9. Oh Y&R! My mom watched it when I was growing up and I thought it was weird. Then as I grew up, I started watching it. I quit watching since we don’t have TV, but I read what’s going on each week, and catch up that way. I miss Katherine! I love Roseanne too! Snickerdoodles are the best.

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