10:10 August 2017

Happy Monday! Today I am linking with two of my favorites, Johannah and Heather.  I took 10 pictures on the 10th of August (Thursday) and I think these pictures perfectly sum up what an average day looks like for us right now during the dog days of summer.


I get a good harvest each day from my garden. Zucchini, cucumbers and lots of tomatoes.

After my workout I painted my toe nails.

I have been reading a couple of books about school and this quote really stuck with me through my reading. It was a great reminder.

It has been so hot and our air quality has been extremely poor due to wildfires so we have not been going outside at all. This day was full of games. The kids played a pig game while I went through their closets.

Three bags FULL of clothes and ready to give away. That was quite the chore.

When I cam back upstairs Guess Who was being played. We love this game.

I also was gifted an essential oil diffuser and oils. I NEED HELP! What are your favorite blends? Also, where is your favorite place to buy the oils? I love them and can’t wait to learn more.

I dropped the kids off with Papa Ken for Cousin Camp and when I got home I made up some BLT’s with avocados for dinner.

Brandon and I watched The Office and I enjoyed some iced tea.

And then I folded laundry while watching Big Brother.

Ok, so let me know your favorite blends/mixes of essential oil! What are your favorite oils? Where do you get your oils? Thanks for reading today!


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27 thoughts on “10:10 August 2017

    1. I want to learn more about the oils, I know nothing other than I know that I like how they smell. Ha! But benefits and blends, I don’t know much about. Bummer about your garden!

  1. I thought about you and your family when I saw that the wildfires were pretty bad the last few weeks. I love that teacher quote! I plan to tackle the girls closets over the next two weeks. I hate that chore. Have a great Monday.

    1. I hate that chore as well and always wait for until I absolutely have to! It didn’t take too long and I always feel so much better. I also went through their shoes yesterday. Luckily we don’t have any big fires around us, but we are getting TONS of smoke from Canada and other wild fires in Washington. The smoke moved out this weekend and we can actually see the sun and sky. I hope you have a great week!

  2. Ooohhh oils, so excited. I mostly diffuse during the winter but I know some people diffuse all year long for allergies and such. Thieves is good for air purifying and germs. I like to rub lavender on my temples when I get a headache too. Generally to buy mine I go to a local health food store, but I know some people get them off Amazon too.

    1. GREAT tips! Thank you! I think I will have to take the theives with me to work and use at home this flu season! I will have to check out health food stores, I would never have thought that….this is how little I know 🙂 THANK YOU Beth!!!

  3. We had cousin camp last week too and I am playing catch up after our busy week/weekend! I love Young Living Oils but Do Terra is good too! We love to diffuse them. I got a diffuser on Amazon. The one that is the best seller for about $20 and I love to diffuse oils around the house. I especially love Thieves by YLO it smells so good and so good for you! xoxo ERIN

    1. I have heard really good things about thieves l. Good to hear your input! I love cousin camp and all the memories they make but I am so glad to have all my birds in the nest again 🙂

  4. Your garden has really hit the jackpot this year…yum! I’m also interested to hear about the essential oils, so be sure to post what you learn. I’m sorry to hear about the air quality…that’s not a fun way to spend summer! Hope you have a great week.

    1. Luckily we had a storm blow through this weekend and the smoke is gone. We have been able to spend a lot of time outside the last couple of days so that is nice. I will let you know what I learn with the oils! Have a great day!

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